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Best solution for SMT INLINE PROCESS "In-line 3D CT AXI System"

Apr 23, 2021

X-ray inspection specialist, SEC Ltd. is pleased to introduce the X-eye 6300NTI In-Line 3D CT AXI system. The system features world-class pulsed X-ray with a Hybrid Open Tube. High quality images can be acquired in high-speed without image dragging. 

The X-eye 6300NTI provides ultra-high-resolution images with oblique CT at 70 tilt. High-speed 2D and 3DCT inspection is capable with a 3.5 sec/FOV and 9.6 Mp detector with large FOV for 2D and 3DCT inspection.

The Hybrid Open Tube, developed by SEC Co., Ltd is installed in X-eye6300NTI which enables high magnification and defect detection in 50um. The tube offers a long lifetime of 5,000 hours with an open transmissiontype structure thatis installed in the In-line AXI system.

The X-eye 6300NTI high-speed 3D in-line inspection system is the ideal solution for double-sided layered PCBs and packaging chips that uses 3D ComputedTomography. By using the only Hybrid Open Tube applied with pulsed X-ray technology, the image can be acquired without sagging even in a high-speed scan. Oblique CT scanning at 70° detector tilt minimizes image distortion.

SEC Co., Ltd. operates a demo center at its headquarters in Korea and agencies in Europe and China. Potential customerscan operate X-ray equipment that can be used for each application and PCT equipment that can be used for the inspection of large products. In addition, products can be inspected according to specific conditions. For customers who have difficulty visiting the demo center, send a product to the office so that we can inspect it and send you the results.

For more information about SEC Co., Ltd., please contact:

Headquarters (South Korea):,, Tel +82-31-215-7341

North America: +1-818-661-9675 / Europe: +49-351-8889-0273 / China: +86-21-5221-1955 / Vietnam: +84-243-202-3000

SEC is a leading inspection equipment provider, providing industrial X-ray inspection systems, Linear Accelerator and Tabletop Scanning Electron Microscopes. Established in 1991, with almost 30 years of technical know-how, SEC is continuously developing the backbone of e-beam inspection equipment in Korea. For more information, visit

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