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A coWeller Erem™ Relaunches Line of High-Precision Cutters, Pliers & Tweezers

Sep 06, 2020

Weller Erem™, the world’s No.1 brand in precision tool solutions, is pleased to announce that it has rebranded and relaunched 300 products worldwide.

Established in 1963 in Switzerland, Erem Precision Tools produces high-precision cutters, tweezers and pliers. Erem is now part of the Weller brand, placing it in the forefront of pioneering solutions for industry and trade.

Manufactured with uncompromising Swiss quality and design, Weller Erem Precision Tools are designed to be strong, durable, sharp and have the highest precision available. Created for worldwide applications, especially for electronics assembly and healthcare, Weller Erem tools are built to last. Weller Erem Cutters set the industry standard by providing more than 1 million consistent, precise and accurate cuts.. Weller Erem Pliers are designed to ensure an accurate and sure grip every time. Additionally, Weller Erem has a wide range of Tweezers, each designed to be strong, comfortable and precise.

The signature high-performance Cutters and Pliers set the industry standard with features that include Magic Spring™, guaranteeing over one million consistent, precise and accurate closing and re-opening movements, high-precision screw joint, and EMOS technologies. Meanwhile, high-performance Tweezers set the industry standard with ergonomically-shaped handles and pointed tips for precise results. The Weller Erem Cutters, Pliers and Tweezers provide the longest durability, highest precision and best quality on the planet.

Weller Erem’s quality and performance are the result of close to 60 years of development experience. Each tool is ground individually by hand and checked for quality compliance. Additionally, the tools use a special tool steel that provides extra strength and durability to result in a long product life.

“Weller Erem Pliers and Cutters use the Magic Spring, which provides 1 million movements where competitors’ cutters can only deliver approximately 250k movements. Our tools are very precise and exact due to a self-locking screw that eliminates movement as well as blade overlap,“ said Marcel Teller, Global Product Manager, Weller. “Additionally, our tools are designed using the Maximum Opening Stop (EMOS) technology, which stops our Cutters and Pliers handles from opening further than what comfortably fits the hand, preventing operator hand fatigue and providing an ergonomic working process.”

Manufactured with uncompromising Swiss quality, Weller Erem Precision Tools are designed to be strong, durable, sharp and have the highest precision available. Weller Erem tools are built to last.

The Weller name stands for pioneering solutions in soldering technology. Founded in 1945, the company quickly grew to become the market leader in manual soldering technology. Weller's extensive range of products includes innovative solutions for industry and trade. The company's areas of expertise include conventional soldering technology such as extraction systems, precision tools and solutions involving screws, bolts and robots as well as many other benchtop products and services.

Weller Tools is part of the umbrella company Apex Tool Group, LLC. Apex Tool Group, LLC, headquartered in Sparks, Maryland, is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of high-performance hand and power tools, tool storage, drill chucks, chain and electrical soldering products for industrial, commercial and demanding do-it-yourself applications. ATG designs, manufactures, markets, and sells proprietary brands, including GEARWRENCH®, Crescent®, SATA®, Cleco®, Weller®, and APEX® and also designs and manufactures a number of private label tool brands for retailers. ATG sells its products through direct, retail, professional and trade channels to customers in over 115 countries, and serves a multitude of global markets, including automotive, aerospace, electronics, energy, hardware, industrial, and consumer retail. Learn more at

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