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CheckSum Parallel Technology Reduces Inventory Pile-Ups

Jun 09, 2019

CheckSum, a leading provider of test systems, fixtures and programs, wants the world to know that their Parallel Technology offers many advantages by testing in line as opposed to in a test cell, avoiding costly potential issues down the line.

To help spread the word, CheckSum has developed a short and informative video to highlight the differences between their test process and traditional test processes. The CheckSum Parallel Technology paired up with their powerful V12 and Dual and Quad Core ICT delivers many fold speed increases especially for small boards manufactured in panels. This process reduces or eliminates human handling, drives higher throughput, simplifies the overall process and allows for faster feedback to the manufacturing line.

The five-minute animated video can be viewed here.

CheckSum develops leading parallel technologies that deliver in-line ICT, flash programming, and functional test to high-volume, panelized PCB manufacturers as they continue to produce smaller and more powerful microchips.

CheckSum provides full-service solutions: test systems, fixtures, programs, and worldwide support. For more information, visit

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