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The new generation of liquid concentration analyzers

Jul 26, 2016

The new developed LiquiSonic® V10 system generation by SensoTech convinces by the latest technology, capacitive touch screen and useful automation features to make the concentration and density measurement more accurate and more user-friendly.

The new developed LiquiSonic® V10 system generation by SensoTech convinces by the latest technology, capacitive touch screen and useful automation features to make the concentration and density measurement more accurate and more user-friendly.

SensoTech points the way ahead with the newly developed LiquiSonic® V10 system generation

For more than 25 years SensoTech has excelled at developing cutting-edge solutions for the measurement of process liquids ahead of market demand. The newly developed system generation LiquiSonic® V10 once again pushes the boundaries of concentration measurement in liquids. Based on the modern principle of sonic velocity measurement, the LiquiSonic® V10 provides an inline analytical solution used to determine the concentration of process liquids in industry and research. The LiquiSonic® V10 fuses this principle into a remarkably user-friendly system with a high level of accuracy.

Energy efficiency meets technological excellence

The sensors and controllers of the new V10 system generation impress with advanced technological components, functional design and valuable features that increase customer benefits significantly. Thus, the sensor design includes a new electronics enclosure, which is characterized by increased compactness and maximum robustness. The use of the latest technology allows even more precise and faster measurement and improved repeatability.

In addition, the resource-efficient approach has been realized in the further development. So the V10 sensors use less energy and meet the increased requirements on energy efficiency and environmental protection. For use in hazardous areas like petrochemistry, the V10 sensors are ATEX-, IECEx- and FM-certified, while other V10 sensor types are 3-A-certified for use in the food and pharmaceutical industry.

SSD data storage plus capacitive touch screen with Android keyboard

The V10 controller is a true highlight of process analytical technology. Taking up the operating concept of modern smartphones and tablets, the high-resolution touch screen makes the handling for the user easy and offers maximum technical comfort. The high-performance processor of the latest generation and extensive memory allows an extremely fast and reliable measurement data analysis. The internal data storage with 2 GB SSD gives a clear lead in the market.

By simultaneous visualization of multiple process parameters and optimized charts, the trend view is more informative with clear structure. An absolutely unique feature of the touch screen and the virtual keyboard is the integration of not only Latin but also Cyrillic and Asian characters, which allows a worldwide comfortable use of LiquiSonic® systems and sets benchmarks for controllers in process analytics.

Perfectly integrated thanks to a wide range of interfaces

Via Ethernet the measuring values can be integrated into the corporate network. Under highest safety standards, it is possible to access the controller via the network interface or through a web browser connection. So the controller can be operated, for example, from the PC at the workplace or with tablet or smartphone remotely and in real time. Furthermore, the secure remote access options allow a fast support by the SensoTech service.

Flexibility impresses not only regarding the location, but also regarding the process. If the process conditions change, the user is able to load quickly and easily new product data sets via the USB port on the controller or via browser. The USB port also enables to store data externally. For process automation, the V10 controller transmits the real-time information to the process control system via analog or digital outputs, serial interfaces or fieldbus (Profibus DP, Modbus RTU) and now also via fieldbus Modbus TCP/IP. As a special feature of the new system generation, the user has the possibility to receive alarm messages (e.g. threshold exceeding) and status messages via e-mail.

For more than 25 years SensoTech has been focused on the development, manufacturing and sales of inline analysis systems for process liquids. With worldwide installed, highly precise and innovative measuring systems for monitoring of concentrations, compositions and reactions directly in the process, SensoTech has significantly contributed to the enhancement of the state of the art. In addition to the measurement of concentration and density, the phase interface detection as well as the monitoring of chemical reactions like polymerization and crystallization are typical applications. SensoTech inline analyzers set standards in the technological and qualitative valence, user friendliness and reproducibility of process values. Special calculation methods and sophisticated sensor technologies enable reliable and precise measuring results even under difficult process conditions. The knowledge and experience of highly motivated and committed SensoTech staff are the result of various applications with well-known customers from the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, food technology, semiconductor technology, automotive and metal industry as well as many other industries. In addition, this experience also opens up unimagined solution possibilities for new measuring challenges.

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