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Monitoring of chlor-alkali electrolysis sub-processes

Mar 25, 2022

LiquiSonic® ensures efficient monitoring of electrolysis processes

LiquiSonic® ensures efficient monitoring of electrolysis processes

Easily monitor process fluids in real time with LiquiSonic®
Chlorine and caustic soda are essential chemicals whose production is indispensable for downstream chemical processes. Due to the immense production volumes, small deviations and errors in the individual production steps can mean large financial losses. For this reason, complete and accurate process monitoring is important. With LiquiSonic® SensoTech GmbH offers a process monitoring system that meets these high requirements.

Monitoring of reactant and product quality
Precise monitoring of the starting materials already shows its advantages during the preparation of the brine. With LiquiSonic®, the concentration of the sodium chloride solution can be precisely adjusted down to 0.1 m%. Maximum saturation prolongs the life of the membranes during electrolysis and saves energy during subsequent concentration of the sodium hydroxide solution.

After electrolysis, the caustic soda solution (NaOH) still has to be freed from unwanted NaCl residues and then concentrated to the usual purity. With LiquiSonic®, this process can also be monitored and controlled in real time. High plant efficiency and unbeatable product quality are the result.

Application in the drying of chlorine gas
After the chlorine gas has been produced, the challenge is to reduce its process-related water content. For this purpose, hygroscopic sulfuric acid is used as a drying agent. The smallest deviations in acid concentration cause poor drying results and high costs or long-term plant damage, e.g., due to rust. LiquiSonic® allows checking the sulfuric acid concentration with an unbeatable accuracy of up to 0.03 m%. Poor chlorine drying results are thus a thing of the past.

LiquiSonic®: The solution for inline process monitoring in real time
Many processes require fast reactions to changes or errors. LiquiSonic® reliably detects these deviations within seconds. Warnings can be issued via a variety of data interfaces - even by e-mail. Thus, users are always informed about the status of their process.

For more than three decades, SensoTech GmbH has been involved in the development, manufacture and sale of inline analysis systems for processes in liquids. With high-precision and innovative measuring systems installed worldwide for monitoring concentrations, compositions, property changes or substance transformations directly in the process, SensoTech decisively determines the state of the art. In addition to concentration and density determination, typical applications include phase detection and the monitoring of reactions such as in polymerization and crystallization processes. SensoTech analyzers set standards in terms of technological and qualitative value, user-friendliness and reproducibility of the measured values. Special calculation methods and highly developed sensor technologies enable reliable and fast measurement results even under difficult process conditions. The knowledge and experience of motivated and committed SensoTech employees have grown from a multitude of different applications at well-known customers from the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, food technology, semiconductor technology, the automotive and metal industry as well as many other sectors and also open up unimagined solution possibilities for new tasks.

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