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Where do people wear RFID Wristband?

Apr 14, 2017

If you go to a concert or music festival, you can not see paper ticket any longer, every visitors wear a wristband, if you take part in a large event, just wave your wristband on hand in front of the reader, you can pass in.

If you go to a bar to have a drink, you will see bouncer will not sell drink to juveniles without checking their age again, just check the color of the wristband people wear. when you go to the buffet, only take the RFID wristband you can access to the area of food, then you move to amusement, people will not pushing out their wallet for each game and consumption, the only action they should take is waving wristband.

Unfortunately, sometimes we have to go to the hospital, we would see every patient got a RFID wristband, even the new baby and mother.

On weekend, let’s go to the museum, RFID wristband come into our view again. How about go to the water park? You will say goodbye to taking keys.

You will be curious why so many places apply RFID Wristband, and what’s RFID Wristband? actually there is a chip inside, linked with certain information and give to people use in different places, let’s go to those places one by one to see how does it work.

Concert or music festival
Usually there are thousands people come from everywhere, get together in the area to enjoy the concert, but security and access control is the most and essential thing, before, people take the paper ticket, check one by one, the entrance always crowd with people and somebody may rush into without ticket, this may cause dangerous if somebody been pushed down, there would be cause chaos. But now, everybody wear the RFID wristband instead of paper ticket, go to the right entrance which related to their wristband ticket, like VIP ticket, discount ticket, only the chip inside the wristband match the entrance reader can be pass, or the door can not open. No body rush, no body take a wrong way, everything goes smoothly than before.

Next, let’s go to the bar see around
At the reception desk, you will show your ID card, according to the age, workers will give you a different color wristband, when you get a drink, the charge will encode in your wristband by a handhold reader & writer, from the color of wristband, no alcoholic beverages could be sold to juveniles, you will take the total charge when you leave the bar, it’s so convenient for customers and bar owner.

After leave the bar, maybe a little hungry, let’s go to a buffet to get some delicious.
As the same as the bar, we should wear a RFID wristband as well, and choose the suitable area, such as $39 per person, or you prefer $45 per person, in this way, more clients are attracted to come since there are more choice for customers to choose from.

Sometimes we will feel not so good, have to see a doctor, you can see every patient wear a rfid wristband at in-patient department, there is only a number on the wristband instead of all personal information. You see, personal information protected so well, make sure the safety of patients. On the other hand, all state of an illness encoded in the wristband, doctors will not give a wring treatment or medication due to taking the wrong document. If you go to the maternity ward, you can see the first day baby come into the world wear a RFID wristband to connect to their mothers.

Walk out the hospital, we prefer to go some entertainment place–Amusement.
In the amusement, some games are not suitable for children because of height restrictions, but how to avoid measure one’s height before every game? Now a RFID wristband works. At the entrance, children’ tickets are different from adults, those tickets can not access to the reader of restricted games, also to distinct it from other obvious, can make it in different color, so you won’t worry about your kids skip into those restricted games now.

At this time, you may want to ask a question, why holders pay much to change equipment to RFID system, what’s they get is the most important thing–data, from the RFID system collected data, they can know clearly customer demographics, when and where they coming, so holders can invest more to attract more clients. If you are a holder or shop owner, would you like to try?


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