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Super PCB Offers High-Quality Surface Finishes

Nov 27, 2018

Super PCB, a single source for high quality printed circuit boards (PCBs), is pleased to announce that it offers a variety of quality PCB surface finishes.

PCB surface finish is the coating between the PCB and components that provides a solderable surface for components and protects the exposed copper circuitry.

Super PCB offers a variety of surface finishes, including

HASL(hot air solder leveling )/HASL lead-free: Advantages: Low cost, widely used, Leaded or lead-free, reworkable, long shelf life. Disadvantages: uneven serface, not good for PTH, not good for fine-pitch, thermal shock.

ENIG (Electroless Nickel Immersion): Advantages: flat surfaces, good oxidation resistance, good for PTH, lead-free, long shelf life. Disadvantages: higher cost, black pad, does not wet as evenly.

ENEPIG (electroless nickel electroless palladium immersion gold): Advantages: black pad free, lead-free, long shelf life. Disadvantages: higher cost, does not wet as evenly.

Immersion silver: Advantages: flat surface, good solderablity. Disadvantages: tarnishes, easily scratched.

Immersion tin: Advantages: flat surface, lead-free, low cost. Disadvantages: Not good for PTH, contains Thiourea (environmental concerns).

OSP (Organic Solderability Preservative): Advantages: flat surface, reworkable, lead-free, low cost. Disadvantages: cannot measure thickness, not good for PTH, short shelf life.

Super PCB provides both PCB prototypes and PCB production. The company offers USA manufacturing to support ITAR requirements and offers overseas manufacturing for low cost mass production. Super PCB’s manufacturing facilities are RoHS compliant, ISO 9001 and TS16949 certified, and UL listed. Super PCB’s state-of-art facilities and technology ensures the highest quality and efficiency.

Super PCB is the source for all of your high-quality PCB needs! Since 2003, the company has been providing high quality PCBs to numerous companies in a broad spectrum of industries, from consumer electronics to telecommunications, new energy, aerospace, automotive and more. Super PCB’s facilities are certified to TS16949, ISO9001 and UL. For more information, visit . For more information, email, call (214) 550-9837 or visit

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