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Improve Your Materials Control and Traceability with Insituware at SMTAI

Oct 04, 2022

Insituware LLC will exhibit in Booth #1010 at SMTA International, scheduled to take place Nov 2-3, 2022 at the Minneapolis Convention Center in Minnesota. The Insituware team will bring the award-winning Vision MARK-1 and their two newest products: the SM-100 Solder Paste Smart Mixer and the CC-100 Conformal Coating Thickness Tester.

The Vision MARK-1 currently offers measurement functionalities to determine solder paste, conformal coating, adhesive, and epoxy fitness for use, with expandability for future materials measurements.

The new CC-100 Thickness Tester measures the wet and dry thickness of conformal coatings directly on production boards. This non-destructive and contactless measurement is less than five seconds and highly accurate to help electronics manufacturers meet the requirements of quality standards.

The SM-100 Smart Mixer will ensure the solder paste is consistently and repeatedly mixed the same prior to the application process. This innovative technology has a built in sensor that will monitor solder paste while it is centrifuged to ensure optimal ranges of mixing time, temperature, and electrochemical reactivity.

Insituware enables OEMs in automotive, aerospace, defense and medical to take control of their materials, improve manufacturing efficiency and prevent material related defects in their application processes. EMS companies are gaining proof of materials control and traceability to validate their product quality to these customers.

Insituware’s technology is powered by analytical sensors, machine learning, and cloud-based systems to deliver materials control solutions right on the factory floor. Insituware continues to develop new materials control solutions for manufacturers to help them drive towards Industry 4.0.

For more information about how Insituware is revolutionizing the way we control materials, visit

Insituware is an innovative technology company developing novel products to measure materials in the electronics manufacturing industry. Driven by advanced analytical sensors, smart devices, and intelligent cloud-based information, these revolutionary hand-held tools enable rapid, real-time inspection to improve material quality control, increase efficiency, and lower cost. For more information, visit

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