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Nozzle Cleaning Machine HJS-390,SMT Nozzle Cleaning Machine

Jun 27, 2022

Nozzle Cleaning Machine HJS-390,SMT Nozzle cleaning machine,

Nozzle Cleaning Machine HJS-390,SMT Nozzle cleaning machine,

HJS-390 a Two-fluid water mist SMT small nozzle cleaning machine for Yamaha and Juki nozzles is our SMT new type nozzle cleaner which can wash 24 nozzles one time.

  A new generation of suction nozzle cleaning machine adopts the unique mechanical design, using the hydrodynamic water fragmentation, producing very fine water mist, with the speed of sound (V = 360m / s) to form a strong momentum jet to the suction nozzle, suction nozzle for cleaning at the top of the formation of a continuous field, crushing the internal surface of the dirt (the nozzle will not be damaged because of its independent device), during the cleaning process the cleaning liquid (deionized water or distilled water) can be achieved automatic direct emissions.

1. With touchscreen interface, under PLC control;

2. Most of the main parts are made in Japan SMC pneumatic component, to ensure the stability and efficiency;

3. The key parts made in Japanese 304 stainless steel, special parts used Japanese imports 316 stainless steel, to ensure that the machine will not Rust due to the water, to avoid other security risks and get longer life.


1. To clean the dirt completely which ultrasonic is difficult to resolve;

2. Cleaning will not affect by the smaller and smaller Nozzle;

3. The more cleaner, the longer life for nozzle;

4. No damage for the surface of nozzle and baffle-board;

5. Adopt environmentally friendly deionized water or Distilled water for cleaning;

6. Continuous cleaning and drying automatically;

7. The operation is simple and convenient;

8. Applicable to all SMT nozzles.

Comparison pictures before and after cleaning:




Questions and Answers:

Q1: Does this machine clean all mounters nozzle?

A1: Yes, HJS-390 can clean all mounter nozzles by using different nozzle jigs.

Q2: What small size of nozzle can this machine clean?

A2: 01005 nozzle.

Q3: How many nozzle jig do you send together with the machine?

A3: 2 standard nozzle jig.

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