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Mis-print PCB Cleaning Machine HJS-3600

Dec 01, 2022

Mis-print PCB Cleaning Machine HJS-3600

Mis-print PCB Cleaning Machine HJS-3600

Product Description

Specially designed for mis-printed PCB cleaning . HJS-3600 use a push and pull cleaning basket to hold PCB and wash PCB from upper and lower side. Famous pneumatic parts, strictly produce process, patent rotation spray rods guarantee you a high quality pcb machine. It make your cleaning process safe, easy, cost down and efficient.
In order to avoid  PCB cooper pad oxidized when using hot air dry, we suggest to use alcohol to clean PCB because alcohol is very easy to turn to vapor and PCB will dry naturally. 

Machine Features:

1. SUS 304 structure, Acid and Alkali corrosion resistance, 10 years lifespan.
2. Only driven by compressed air, no use electric power at all.
3. One button easy operation, clean and dry complete automatically.
4. Patent 360° rotation spray rods on both sides, ensure good cleaning quality.
5. Solvent recycle use, low consumption.
6. Inner-lock safety door and safety valve, once open, machine will be stopped immediately.
7. 3-level precise liquid filtering system. Liquid used repeatedly.
8. Super well-known Pneumatic parts from all over the word manufactures.
9. Modular design, easy maintenance.

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Mis-print PCB Cleaning Machine HJS-3600,Specially designed for mis-printed PCB cleaning

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