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Rental Module Adds Flexibility To Checkmate Tool Tracking Softwar

Jan 30, 2014

About CheckMate Toolroom Software

CheckMate software increases productivity and saves money by reducing the time it takes to locate equipment and by assuring that items will not be lost or left behind. Based on fast, accurate barcode technology, CheckMate records where the item is, who has it, and when it is due back. The software tracks A, B, and C Class items and includes a Maintenance Module that records repairs, schedules regular periodic maintenance, records warranty expiration dates, and tracks vehicle service and registration renewals.

Rental Information Captured
Dynamics Systems has added the capability to track the length of time tools and equipment have been at a location, job site, customer, or with an employee.   For those companies who charge equipment usage against jobs, using Checkmate allows them to maximize profits by correctly recording rental revenues.

About Dynamic Systems
Dynamic Systems has been a national leader in Barcode Tracking Solutions since 1981, providing flexible, complete and configurable programs for: tool and equipment tracking, document tracking, inventory management, and fixed asset control. Barcode Data collection has been proven to be the most accurate and efficient method of tracking/counting items. 

"Loss of tools, equipment and damaged or non-working equipment are major overhead costs that can be contained with a well-designed tracking system.  Our customers see a typical payback for the CheckMate Equipment and Tool Tracking System within 3-4 months," states Alison Falco, President of Dynamic Systems.

Contact:  Rob Freeman 425-284-1662
VP Business Strategy

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Manufacturers Use Technology to Help Weather the Economic Downturn.

Jan 24, 2013 -

Manufacturers Use Technology to Help Weather the Economic Downturn.

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Manufacturers Use Technology to Help Weather the Economic Downturn.

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