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Great Lakes Engineering, Inc. Is Unsurpassed in Customer Service

Sep 07, 2016

Great Lakes Engineering has prided itself on providing exemplary service to customers for more than 30 years, and the company knows it is succeeding when it receives a heartfelt ‘Thank You’ from a satisfied customer!

There isn’t enough time in a day to tell you how much I, or should I say WE, appreciate your team,” wrote Jason Cook, Sr. Process Engineer-Circuit Board Solutions, Ducommun Incorporated. “This week I requested two one-day turns for stencils. Oh, and that’s not all! I just got done requesting and providing data for a stencil that is being requested for Saturday delivery. It’s 3 p.m. on a Friday and your team is going to provide us with a stencil for tomorrow morning! This is amazing and I want to express my appreciation for your whole team!”

Great Lakes Engineering strives to give customers what they need, on time, mistake-free, and at a fair price. The company is continuously looking to the future and improving its process, expanding markets, and finding new and innovative products to provide customers.

Great Lakes Engineering boasts many capabilities including laser cutting of thin foils, photo chemical machining, metal etching, Electro-Forming of thin Nickel stencils and parts, photo plotting, engineering services, squeegee blade manufacturing, and are is a proud distributor for Henkel products, including solder paste. The company also has a large jewelry/decorative business that is growing quickly.

Its expertise in manufacturing thin foil metal parts and surface mount stencils is second to none, and Great Lakes Engineering’s turn times and customer service lead the industry.

To learn more about Great Lakes Engineering and experience unsurpassed customer service, call (763) 425-4755 or visit

Founded by John M. Carr in 1986, Great Lakes Engineering capitalized on the market demand for photo chemically machined parts and incorporated state-of-the-art laser stencil technology. The company is a manufacturer of surface mount stencils, precision laser cut parts and photo chemical machined parts for the defense, medical, electronics, aviation, energy, telecommunications, and computer industries. Great Lakes Engineering, Inc. is ISO 9001:2008 certified and ITAR registered company and distributes for Henkel Electronics. For more information please call 763-425-4755 or visit or email

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Great Lakes Engineering, Inc. Receives 2015 Best in Class Award from Electronic Systems Inc.

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Great Lakes Engineering, Inc. Supports Children’s Hospitals & Clinics of Minnesota with Local Charity Event

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Great Lakes Engineering, Inc. Awarded 2015 Best of Maple Grove Award for Assembly & Fabricating Service

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Great Lakes Engineering, Inc. Hires E-Tronix as Local Rep

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Great Lakes Engineering Announces GAME CHANGER: First-Ever Temperature-Stable Solder Paste

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Great Lakes Engineering, Inc. Debuts the Wave Glide™ Innovative Squeegee Blade

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Great Lakes Engineering to Expand in Electronics Industry

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