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New feeder technology reduces changeovers by 75%

Nov 14, 2001

"When customers begin to see the big picture, we are convinced that they will understand how Agilis radically reduces the cost per mounted component. Because it's not just about top speed," says Mats Magnell, "but in actual throughput when the working day is done."

Called Agilis, the new feeder is fast, intelligent, and revolutionary in design. Made for normal and fine-pitch 8-mm tape, it is about the size of a pen. Operators can use their fingers to peel aside the cover tape 2-3 centimeters and then insert the tape into the feeder. While this step takes at least a minute with other feeder brands, Agilis feeders can be loaded in less than 10 seconds. And since the new Agilis feeders are no longer fixed to the magazine, operators can load tape reels while the machine is running.

Novel design

Agilis' automatic loading system works like a plow to move aside the cover tape, and expose components for easy picking. The used tape and cover tape are then pushed out the back. No extra take-up reels are needed.

Sophisticated intelligence

Agilis also works together with MYDATA's Linux-based system software, TPSys, for instant feeder and component recognition. Each feeder has a unique identity and can be inserted anywhere in the magazine � in any MYDATA machine. The system automatically knows the feeder location, which components are loaded and how many are left on the reel. So there's never any need for reprogramming.

Magazine and bin concept, plus large reel attachment

As opposed to trolleys or carts, MYDATA has always used removable magazines. The new magazines are lightweight and ergonomic, and take up little space. Each magazine contains two bins for storing Agilis feeders together with attached component reels.

Bins can be filled with feeders and lifted in and out of the magazine or stored on a shelf. When a refill is needed, separate bins�or individual feeders along with their tapes �can be removed. MYDATA has also designed a large reel attachment to accompany the Agilis feeder system.

Successes in beta tests

Companies are already benefiting from the new Agilis feeder system. In every case, customers report that Agilis has benefited their productivity and improved their work processes, with an overall reduction of man-hours by more than 75 percent.

Altogether, the Agilis feeder system includes:

� Revolutionary feeder design

� A new bin system for easy handling of tape reels

� 30 percent lighter, robust magazines

� Flexible large reel attachments

For more information, please contact Mats Magnell, Director of Marketing on phone number: +46 8 475 57 62 or e-mail

MYDATA automation designs, manufactures and markets surface mount assembly machines. Its business mission is to satisfy the needs of the electronics industry for SMT equipment, while meeting its demands for flexibility and high quality production.

Sweden-based MYDATA offers a worldwide network of sales and service support and has subsidiaries in Great Britain, France, the United States, Japan and Singapore, with agents and distributors globally.

You can find further information about MYDATA at our website:

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