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Saelig Introduces New Rigol 7000 Series 100/500MHz 10GSa/s oscilloscopes

Jun 12, 2018

Saelig Company, Inc. announces the availability of the Rigol DS/MSO7000 series of oscilloscopes, 4-channel advanced specification oscilloscopes with up to an excellent 10GSa/s real-time sample rate.  They come in four bandwidth versions (100/250/350/500MHz) and mixed-signal versions that offer 16 digital debug channels.  Based on Rigol’s new UltraVision II architecture and innovative proprietary Phoenix chipset, these scopes offer 100Mpts memory depth (500Mpts option) the 7000 series offers a very high waveform capture rate of over 600,000 waveforms per second.

This scope series integrates several independent instruments into one, including a sophisticated digital oscilloscope with mixed-signal abilities, a digital voltmeter, a 6-digit frequency counter and totalizer, an optional two-channel arbitrary waveform generator, and a protocol analyzer with variety of serial protocol triggers and decodes available.  This scope series also offers automatic measurements for 41 waveform parameters and a variety of math operations, built-in enhanced FFT analysis, and a peak search function.

The 10.1-inch 1024x600 capacitive multi-touch screen supports touch gestures, but still keeps the knob and key operation of traditional digital oscilloscopes, optimizing the user-friendly interactive experience. The TFT LCD display also provides a 256-level intensity grading with color persistence.  Multiple interfaces are designed-in, including USB Host & Device, LAN(LXI), HDMI, TRIG OUT, and USB-GPIB (option).  Web Control allows remote control of the scope from any location.  Four 500 MHz passive voltage probes are also provided with each instrument.  The supplied bandwidth can be optionally upgraded up to 500MHz after purchase.

Spec Summary:

  • 100-500MHz bandwidth
  • 10.1" multipoint touch screen
  • 10GSa/s ADC
  • refresh rate 600 000 waveforms per sec
  • memory for 450 000 waveforms
  • HDMI for external display
  • 2 channel waveform generator
  • 16 channel logic analyzer
  • RS232/UART, I2C, SPI, CAN, LIN, I2S, FlexRay, MIL-STD-1553 decoding

Made by Rigol Technologies, a leading manufacturer of precision electronic instrumentation for test and measurement, the DS/MSO7000 Series Oscilloscopes are available now from Saelig Company, Inc. their USA technical distributor. For detailed specifications, free technical assistance, or additional information, please contact Saelig 888-7SAELIG, via email:, or visit

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