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  • Seika Machinery Introduces Updates to Popular Malcom and Unitech Process Control Systems

Seika Machinery Introduces Updates to Popular Malcom and Unitech Process Control Systems

Aug 09, 2018

SPS Series Paste Mixers

SPS Series Paste Mixers

Seika Machinery, Inc., a leading provider of advanced machinery, materials and engineering services, is pleased to announce that it carries six new process control devices from MALCOM and UNITECH. These include: SPS series paste mixers, viscometers, wetting balance testers, profilers / camera systems, reflow simulators and PCB board cleaners.

SPS Series Paste Mixers

  • From refrigerator to screen printer in less than 15 minutes.
  • Automated operation for gentle softening, and even consistency.
  • Uses airtight containers to prevent oxidation and humidity.
  • Models are available for single or dual solder paste jars (up to 1kg each).


  • Help eliminate misprints due to incorrect paste conditions.
  • Patented spiral-pump sensor provides dynamic, quick, easy, repeatable measurements.
  • Satisfies international standards for paste viscosity measurement.
  • Data logging of viscosity and temperature data.
  • Models include hand-held, table-top, laboratory, and extra-small sample size versions.

Wetting Balance Testers

  • Evaluate the wetting profiles of through-hole and SMT components, leads, solder and flux.
  • Simulate the temperature profiles of wave soldering machines or SMT reflow ovens.
  • Conforms to international standards for wetting balance testing.
  • Log and compare the test results for easy analysis.

Reflow Oven Temperature, Oxygen Concentration, Convection Air Velocity Profilers / Camera System

  • Complete profiling of reflow oven, including oven temperature, O2 concentration, and convection air velocity.
  • Verifies that ovens are performing at optimal conditions and troubleshoots problem areas.
  • 6 and 12 channels reflow oven thermo-profiling.
  • O2 concentration profile data for the entire Nitrogen oven.
  • Convection air velocity profile data for the entire oven.
  • Record video of a PCB as it travels through the oven with the ability to focus on specific areas of concern to isolate problems.
  • Display the profile data along with the O2 concentration, air velocity, or camera image.

Reflow Simulators

  • True representation of a multi-zone reflow oven in a table-top form factor.
  • Top & bottom side heaters in conjunction with hot air convection.
  • Viewing windows allow you to monitor the process during reflow, and with the optional VDM-3 camera system, record video while overlaying time and temperature profile data.
  • The RDT-250C will allow for 330mm x 250mm PCB boards, where the SRS-1C allows for a 70mm x 70mm sample board or test piece.
  • Reflow simulators can be run using an air or Nitrogen environment.


  • Three-stage PCB board cleaning system is the most effective way to remove dust and debris from the PCB surface.
  • The first stage is a brush and vacuum.
  • The second stage uses a dual rubber sticky roller system.
  • The third stage uses an ionized air blower for anti-static board preparation.
  • Select any combination of the cleaning stages to fit your needs.
  • PCB sizes are as follows:
    • Width: 50~250mm
    • Length: 100~330mm
    • Thickness: 0.5~2.0mm
  • Larger and custom sizes are available.

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