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The new fast dehumidifying dry cabinet series release

Jun 10, 2019

Fast dehumidifying series

Fast dehumidifying series

Climatest Symor launched the new fast dehumidifying dry cabinets,the moisture can lower to <5%RH within 30 minutes(unload,ambient 25C,60%RH)

. The whole cabinet adopts 1.2mm galvanized steel with Dupont baking varnish,which is strong corrosion resistant, 3.2mm high intensity toughened glass.reinforced structure,excellent load-bearing and sealing performance.

. It adopts US import Honeywell humidity sensor; temperature and humidity can be independently displayed,with memory function,no longer to reset humidity after power failure.

. Symor pass RoHS to claim our cabinets don’t pollute electronics.

. Zinc alloy lock with perfect air tightness and anti-theft function.

. Front two ESD casters with brakes for easy move and ESD stand. 

. With Black color (ESD models) or White color(non ESD models)

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