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Vision Engineering Launches Microscope Trade-in Program

Jun 08, 2020

Vision Engineering Inc., manufacturers of optical and digital inspection and non-contact measurement systems, launches a microscope trade-in program for North America aimed at all microscope users. The program is set up for a trade-in on any microscope and in return the user will receive a 25% discount on Mantis eyepiece-less microscopes until August 31st, 2020.

The program was developed to help manufacturing companies upgrade their existing microscopes for an eyepiece-less microscope as they plan workspace and equipment use in order to adhere to new health and safety guidelines.

In many instances, microscope operators need to share microscopes. When using a conventional binocular microscope the user must position themselves very close to the eyepieces, in some cases touching the eyepieces. The eyepieces would then become a conduit for cross-contamination. Users can wear safety goggles, but this will further with the distance the user’s eyes are from the eyepieces and would result in limiting the view of the subject. Wiping down the eyepieces is another option, but users may forget and simply not follow the protocol. The cleaning process also takes time away from production and user productivity.

The Mantis range of stereo microscopes can be shared among users without them coming into direct contact with the system. Safety goggles and masks can be worn when using eyepiece-less systems without disrupting productivity and the field of view.

“As a company, we share in the challenge of making the workplace safer for our valued employees. By offering our customers this opportunity to invest in technology that can make their inspection tasks safer, we hope to help in some small way” explains Richard Nagel, VP Sales and Marketing, Vision Engineering

Additional eyepiece-less stereo systems manufactured by Vision Engineering include Lynx EVO stereo microscope and Swift PRO non-contact optical measurement system.

For more details about the microscope trade-in program, contact Vision Engineering on 860-355-3776 or at

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