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SMEI packaging cleaning machine HJS-9700,Semiconductor Spray Cleaning Machine HJS-9700

Jun 22, 2022

SMEI  packaging cleaning machine HJS-9700,Semiconductor Spray Cleaning Machine HJS-9700

SMEI packaging cleaning machine HJS-9700,Semiconductor Spray Cleaning Machine HJS-9700

Product Description

As a SEMI SIP packaging in line auto cleaning system for advanced semiconductor package process. HJS-9700 is precise, high quality, SIP packaging deflux cleaning system.

HJS-9700 SIP package auto cleaning machine is used to clean flux residuals, solder balls and particles on sip package products, such as: rosin flux, water-soluble flux , non-clean flux ,solder paste and other organic and inorganic contaminations.

Precise process: Pre-wash+Wash1+Wash2+ Chemical isolation+ Pre-rinse+ Rinse+Final rinse+ Air blow dry+ Hot air dry1+ Hot air dry2. 

By using our latest mix spray cleaning technology, the system has following advantages:

1. SIP package semi in line cleaning system.
2. Liquid mix spray wash technology, super wash result, thoroughly clean water-sular solder paste flux and non-clean flux.
3. Longer wash sections + DI water rinse section+ Air blow section +2 hot air dry sections.
4. Liquid and fresh DI water supply automatically, post-section DI water overflow to the previous-section to renew DI water.
5. Up/down spray system on wash and rinse sections.
6. Liquid and DI water spray pressure can be adjusted for different semiconductor products cleaning requirements.
7. Standard equipped with Resistivity monitoring system, resistivity range 0~18 MΩ.
8. Air knives blow dry+ 2 section hot air dry system.
9. SUS304 stainless PCB flat conveyor net system.
10. PLC control system, English operation interface, easy operation.
11.Many optional functions available.
12. Total SUS304 structure, Acid and Alkali corrosion resistance.


Customer Question & Answer

Q1: What kind of semiconductor products can HJS-9700 clean?

A1: Flux on SIP, BGA, CSP, Flip chip... package. it has 2x600mm wash section with 2x14 spray rods on it, that's why it is so powerful.

Q2: Why is it 150KW?

A2: in wash section, it has 3x12KW heater; in pre-rinse section, it has 1x12KW heater; in Rinse section, it has 3x12KW heater; in hot air dry section, it has 2x7.5KW heater, and we also have air blowers, electric pumps.

Q3: What is the liquid temperature and DI water temperature?

A3: liquid temperature can heat to 80℃; DI water can heat to 60℃.

Q4: What is the liquid consumption per hour?

A4: It depends on liquid itself and temperature, we install liquid cool condenser, normally 5~15L/ Hour.

SIP package picture

20210312155042_36904 (1).png

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