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  • AutoTRAX EDA Ltd. Appoints John Shotsky, Former Orcad Product Manager, as EDA Tools Product Manager

AutoTRAX EDA Ltd. Appoints John Shotsky, Former Orcad Product Manager, as EDA Tools Product Manager

Feb 04, 2003

Stafford, England - February 1, 2002. AutoTRAX EDA Ltd, a leading developer of Electronic Design Automation software for the printed circuit board industry, is pleased to announce the appointment of John Shotsky as the product manager for AutoTRAX EDA.

John was the product manager for Orcad's schematic capture and PCB layout programs from 1994 to 2001. He left Cadence in 1991 after the majority of the Orcad development team were layed off. Cadence purchased Orcad in 1999. "This is a really exciting development which I believe will have a very significant impact on the EDA PCB software business in the coming years" says Ilija Kovacevic, Managing Director of AutoTRAX EDA Ltd. and founder of Kovac Software. "John brings a tremendous wealth of knowledge to AutoTRAX EDA Ltd. which will ensure that we achieves our aims of making AutoTRAX EDA a world class PCB design suite".

"The desktop EDA industry is about to get a wake-up call!" he continues with a wry smile.

About AutoTRAX EDA

Schematic Capture and simulation. AutoTRAX EDA features a powerful drag and drop schematic capture module with integral SPICE simulation and virtual instruments giving the user a virtual electronics workbench with oscilloscopes, function generators, spectrum analyzers and many others. Tight design rules prevent invalid designs such as schematics with wires going nowhere or connected to blank space.

PCB Designer. The schematic capture module is tightly integrated with the PCB designer. The engineer can rapidly create their final boards using the PCB design wizard. The fast interactive autolayout/autorouter ensures an accurate error free design within a short time.

3D solid modeling. In order to ensure that the design will integrate with the mechanical enclosure, AutoTRAX EDA incorporated the unique Active3D solid modeler to provide views of the final board and communicate the design to third party CAD/CAM programs. The Active3D part designer is truly a pleasure to work with. The designer can create basic parts, drag and drop pre-made parts from the design gallery and add parts to the design gallery. Next materials can be dragged from the design library and placed onto parts. A built in photorealistic renderer provides a professional photographic quality image for incorporation into other documents.

CAM collaboration. Finally the designer can send their finished work to production using AutoTRAX EDA's comprehensive CAM interfaces. Kovac Software is working closely with SolidWorks and Autodesk to provide a complete desktop design solution.

Open database. All the modules are tied together via AutoTRAX EDA's distributed open format part database.

AutoTRAX EDA is available for free download from HTTP:// complete with printable Adobe PDF manuals. In addition printed copies of the manual can be ordered on-line.

About AutoTRAX EDA Ltd. AutoTRAX EDA Ltd is the marketing division of Kovac Software�s EDA software. About Kovac Software.

Kovac Software was formed in 1990 and has developed many 'shrink wrap' 2D and 3D computer graphics programs. These were distributed via offices in San Diego and Tokyo. In addition Kovac Software has developed component software for leading companies such as Silicon Graphics and Solidworks. Recently Kovac Software developed the award winning form designer for Cardiff Software in southern California.

About Ilija Kovacevic

Ilija Kovacevic received his B.Sc.(Hons) in physics at Birmingham University. After working in the electronic industry at both National Semiconductor and Motorola, he founded Kovac Software. His main research interests are in computer simulation and making complicated software seem simple. In his spare time he combines cycling with competitive power lifting. He is the 1990 British 125Kg. Powerlifting champion.


Ilija Kovacevic, Managing Director

+44(0)1889 505094

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  • AutoTRAX EDA Ltd. Appoints John Shotsky, Former Orcad Product Manager, as EDA Tools Product Manager
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