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CAMALOT MicroDot Dispensing System

Apr 07, 2003

Cookson Electronics Equipment Announces XYFLEXPRO Microdot Dispensing Capabilities

-- 3/27/2003

FRANKLIN, Mass. � Cookson Electronics Equipment announces a new, affordable process for dispensing micro-dots of solder paste, silver epoxy, conductive epoxy, and adhesive. This process offers manufacturers building boards that include high frequency devices, wafer-level packages, 0201s, and flip-chips with a cost-effective, accurate method of dispensing dots as small as 150mm in diameter at high-volume production rates.

Using CAMALOT�s XyflexPro Dispenser and proprietary dabbing process, standard 27-28 gauge needles are brought to a pre-determined height from the substrate. Pressure is applied to the material in the needle by auger displacement and a meniscus is formed. Accurate displacement, combined with the surface tension of the material being dispensed, ensures that the meniscus is spherical in shape. As the sphere grows, it meets the surface and begins to wet the substrate. When the desired diameter is achieved, the needle is retracted, causing the material to stretch and break, leaving behind a small deposit.

Because standard gauge needles are used (versus high-precision, small orifice needles), clogging typically found with non-Newtonian fluids does not occur, eliminating costly maintenance downtime.

The MicroDot dispensing package offers high-accuracy through the use of a high-resolution pump with feedback for displacement control, a CCD laser for substrate height measurement, and the industry-proven accuracy of the XyflexPro. The XyflexPro�s Windows 2000 interface and CAMALOT Benchmark software provide the programmable control necessary for repeatable micro-dot dispensing.

Cookson Electronics Equipment will demonstrate the new CAMALOT XyflexPro MicroDot Dispensing process during APEX 2003, March 31 � April 2, 2003 in Anaheim, Calif., at its booth #3077. For additional information, contact Cookson Electronics Equipment at 508-541-4895, or visit our web site at .

About the CAMALOT XyflexPro Family of Dispensers

The CAMALOT XyflexPro dispensing system is distinguished by its calibration-free, linear gantry drive system, small footprint, and its ability to meet any application need through easy-to-add options. Accurate, flexible, and configurable, the XyflexPro excels at both SMT and semiconductor production applications.

About Cookson Electronics Equipment

Speedline Technologies, also known as Cookson Electronics Equipment, is the global value leader for single source process expertise, solutions and service to the PCB assembly industry.

Cookson Electronics Equipment is comprised of six best-in-class brands � ACCEL microelectronics cleaning; CAMALOT dispensing and conformal coating systems; ELECTROVERT wave soldering, reflow soldering and cleaning equipment; MPM stencil and wafer bump printing systems; SCS conformal coatings and services; and PROTECT global service, support and training solutions.

The company is part of Cookson Electronics, the world�s leading supplier of circuit board manufacturing and assembly solutions. Cookson Electronics is a division of Cookson Group plc, a global leader in electronic materials and ceramics.

Cookson Electronics Equipment is on the World Wide Web at

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