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Fairchild Announces Industry's First SSOT-6 FLMP N-Channel MOSFETs

May 22, 2003

May 21, 2003�San Jose, Calif.� Fairchild Semiconductor International (NYSE: FCS) introduces the 30V, 9mW FDC796N and the100V, 70mW FDC3616N. These highly efficient N-Channel MOSFETs are designed to handle 1.8W of power dissipation. They are ideal solutions for small form factor DC/DC power supplies commonly found in applications ranging from telecommunications equipment and internet hubs and routers, to instrumentation and ATE equipment.

The FDC796N and the FDC3616N are part of Fairchild�s latest family of unique power MOSFETs that combine the company�s PowerTrench� technology and their advanced SuperSOT�-6 FLMP (Flipchip in a Leaded Molded Package). The benefit to the designer is high performance in a package that takes up 70% less board space than an SO-8. Both the FDC796N and the FDC3616N offer extremely low RDS(on) ratings and low gate charge (typically 14nC and 23nC, respectively) in a package occupying 9mm22).

Fairchild�s patented FLMP packaging eliminates conventional wire-bonds and also provides an extremely low thermal resistance path between the PCB and the MOSFET die (drain connection). This can greatly improve performance compared to many other MOSFET packages by reducing both the electrical and the thermal constraints. For example, the FDC796N takes up to three times less PCB area than a device with similar thermal characteristics, such as the commonly used SO-8 package. An industry trend is towards much smaller eighth and sixteenth brick form factors for telecom and other applications. Using a combination of the FDC3616N for the primary side switch locations, and the FDC796N for the synchronous rectifier sockets, provides an excellent solution for miniature half bridge, 48V telecom input �on board� DC/DC converters.

In addition, the 30V FDC796N is well suited for use in synchronous buck POL (Point of Load), power supplies that can operate at switching frequencies up to 1MHz. In this application, the low inductance SSOT-6 FLMP complements the low gate charge, low gate resistance MOSFET process, allowing the switching losses to be further reduced.

�With continued advances in MOSFET technology, one key challenge is to design packages that can keep up with silicon improvements,� said David Grey, Fairchild�s Technical Market Manager for DC/DC Converter applications. �The FLMP concept used in these two MOSFETs successfully reduces the electrical and thermal losses of the package to an absolute minimum.�

These products expand Fairchild�s systems solutions for power supplies, including PWMs, DC/DC converters, LDOs, optocouplers, and voltage references.

Price: FDC796N US $1.06 (1000 pcs.)

FDC3616N US $0.90 (1000 pcs.)

(The FDC3616N is �FETBench ready.� FETbench is Fairchild�s online MOSFET design workbench for device simulations: To register go to

Availability: Now

Delivery: 8 weeks ARO

To learn more contact:

Gary Baker, Marketing Communications Manager

Discrete Power Technologies Group

Phone: (321) 956-5674


About Fairchild Semiconductor

Fairchild Semiconductor International (NYSE: FCS) is a leading global supplier of high performance products for multiple end markets. With a focus on developing leading edge power and interface solutions to enable the electronics of today and tomorrow, Fairchild�s components are used in computing, communications, consumer, industrial and automotive applications. Fairchild�s 10,000 employees design, manufacture and market power, analog & mixed signal, interface, logic, and optoelectronics products from its headquarters in South Portland, Maine, USA and numerous locations around the world.

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