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Servenger Launches New Programmable Analog Module Series

Aug 11, 2004



PORTLAND, Ore. and TEMPE, Ariz. -- August 11, 2004 -- Servenger LLC today announced the availability of a new hardware development platform that gives designers a running start working with field programmable analog arrays (FPAAs) from Anadigm, Inc.

Servenger's new Programmable Analog Module (PAM) products are predesigned circuit boards and accessories that allow users to quickly and easily design analog sensor interfaces, measurement circuits, voice band processing circuits, PID systems, and myriad of other analog functions that can be implemented in a software-controlled FPAA.

Completely compatible with the AnadigmDesigner2 drag-and-drop EDA tool, the Servenger PAM products provide power, control, clocking, input and output analog buffering, and serial communications to the host computer -- allowing designers to use the PAM board straight out of the box as a free-standing evaluation module or as a board-level system component.

"With the PAM-5000R, we're giving designers the opportunity to work smarter with programmable analog, since we've done all the FPAA set-up work," said Steve Wetterling, President at Servenger LLC. "Take the module out of the box, plug in the included power adapter, and connect it to a PC. That's all the set-up that's required to get on the way to speeding up your design cycle and reducing time to market."

In an advance over standard FPAA development kits, the Servenger PAM gives designers the unique ability to format and store the downloaded design configuration file into an on-board EEPROM for later stand-alone operation, making unnecessary the purchase of a separate programmer.

"The new Servenger PAMs are the first third-party development tool that Anadigm has authorized for use with its FPAAs," said Nathan John, Vice President of Worldwide Marketing at Anadigm. "We are extremely pleased with the system that Servenger has created and anticipate that it will be very useful for customers working with FPAAs in a broad range of analog applications."

The PAM-5000R, the initial product in the new Servenger series, provides seven analog inputs and two outputs; an on-board Anadigm AN221E04 FPAA, EEPROM, and power supply; an RS-232 interface; and accessories including an ac adapter, serial cable, mating connectors, and Quick Start Guide. Board dimensions are 3.1 in. by 2.9 in. (79 mm by 74 mm). An extensive Technical User Manual is provided on the Servenger website.

The Anadigm AN221E04 FPAA provided on the PAM-5000R can be programmed and reprogrammed to perform an open-ended set of analog circuit functions. The AnadigmDesigner2 graphical design environment runs in Microsoft Windows and allows the designer to select from a large library of pre-tested analog functions and then place and connect them to create the desired circuit simply by dragging and dropping. Selecting the "Download" button compiles a configuration file and downloads it over the RS-232 serial port into the Anadigm FPAA in the Servenger PAM. The compile and download process takes just a few seconds.

The Anadigm FPAA is completely reconfigurable. To adjust a parameter or to make a major change, the designer simply downloads a new file. AnadigmDesigner2 handles all of the internal details of the FPAA configuration. For system installations requiring a continuous stream of configuration updates (such as a multi-channel measurement system with per-channel on-the-fly calibration), AnadigmDesigner2 delivers C-code representations of the analog functions that can be added to system-level control code.

Beyond its commercial applications, the Servenger PAM-5000R is a compelling tool for education, experimentation, and hobbyists, enabling hands-on demonstrations of a vast range of analog circuit types as well as a designer's playground of creative do-it-yourself projects from stereo effects to security systems.

Priced at $369, the Servenger PAM-5000R is available now for purchase at Discounted packages of 5 and 10 PAMs are also available.

About Servenger

Servenger LLC is an electronic design services and product development company specializing in system design, circuit design, PCB layout and prototype construction, re-engineering, cost reduction and project management for our clients. Our pre-built Anadigm based Programmable Analog Module (PAM) product line delivers out-of-the-box, ready-to-use programmable analog functionality. Visit Servenger on the Web at

About Anadigm

Anadigm brings platform-based design to the analog world with pre-qualified software and hardware components that allow complex analog circuits to be implemented in an analog equivalent to the FPGA. Designed to implement signal conditioning, filtering, data acquisition, closed-loop control, and other analog functions in a wide range of embedded systems, Anadigm FPAAs are first programmable analog ICs that can adapt on the fly to perform multiple functions, adjust to different environmental conditions, or compensate for equipment aging. Founded in January 2000 as a venture-backed technology spin off from Motorola, Anadigm maintains U.S. headquarters in Tempe, Ariz. and European headquarters in Crewe, UK. For further information, visit Anadigm on the Web at

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Anadigm�, Inc.

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