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Sono-Tek Presents Its Ultrasonic Atomization Technology at the National Nano Engineering Conference

Nov 23, 2008

November 2008 � The 6th annual National Nano Engineering Conference (NNEC) in Boston from November 12-13, 2008 brought together more than 100 representatives of leading research centers and science based corporations to share the progress achieved last year in the state-of-the-art technologies involving nano materials applications.

Recent developments in the uses of nano materials in diverse fields such as aerospace, homeland security, energy, biomedicine and electronics all shared one common denominator � there is an acute need to build tools for the commercialization of these research level accomplishments, in order to bring them to the marketplace, and translate their technical advantages to economic benefits.

On November 12, 2008, Dr. Joseph Riemer, president of Sono-Tek Corp., presented two such ultrasonic systems, which are now fast becoming part of the arsenal of tools enabling

nano materials user companies to take their products to the market faster and at significantly lower costs. Sono-Tek's systems provide efficient solutions for accurately and cost effectively dispensing and depositing nano materials on target substrates. These include:

  • Ultrasonic atomization dispersion syringe pump SonicSyringe (Pat. Pend.)

  • Ultrasonic atomization spray nozzle. (Patented).

When conventional mixing devices and pumps are used for dispensing nano particles, they tend to agglomerate and separate from the liquid suspension. The SonicSyringe imparts ultrasonic energy, which breaks down and eliminates agglomerates that have formed during earlier handling. The SonicSyringe keeps the nano particles continuously suspended in a uniform and homogenous mixture, thus guaranteeing a steady state dispensing process.

When conventional pressure spray coating and Web printing technologies

are used to coat nano particle on substrates, their uniformity control is limited

and the amount of nano material that must be used is excessive and costly.

Sono-Tek ultrasonic spray nozzles uniformly and accurately coat a very thin layer of nano particles on substrates of different shapes, forms and sizes.

Examples of successfully commercialized applications include fuel cells, solar panels, biodegradable food packaging, functional textiles, specialty glass, and biological and chemical sensors.

Dr. Christopher L. Coccio, Chairman and CEO of Sono-Tek, said, �We embarked on an aggressive business development program last year, introducing new patent pending applications and diversifying into new industries. The recognition granted to our technology by numerous high-tech industries, as manifested in this important conference is another vote of confidence in Sono-Tek's scientific and business acumen.�

About Sono-Tek Corporation

Sono-Tek is the world leader in the development and application of liquid ultrasonic atomization technology into nozzle systems and spraying and coating application systems. Compared to conventional pressure spraying methods, the company's ultrasonic nozzles do not clog, reduce liquid usage, waste, and environmental impact while achieving much more precise, uniform, thin film coatings. Sono-Tek is continually developing new applications for its unique technology, replacing wasteful practices in a world that is growing ever more environmentally sensitive. For more information, visit the company at

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