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BPM Microsystems Introduces New Generation Flash Memory Programming System

Mar 17, 2010

Flashstream 2800F-MK2, Flashstream® Flash Vector Programming System

Flashstream 2800F-MK2, Flashstream® Flash Vector Programming System

HOUSTON — March 2010 — BPM Microsystems announces the release of its latest generation Flashstream® Flash Vector Programming System, the Flashstream 2800F-MK2. This new addition to BPM Microsystems flash memory device programmer family combines the largest memory capacity on the market with the latest 64-bit architecture. Breaking past the 32-bit barrier is another industry first for BPM Microsystems and a true milestone in programmer evolution, with full data capacity support for devices larger than 4 GB.

By combining the latest 64-bit architecture with the new 16 GB memory module, the Flashstream 2800F-MK2 currently supports device data files up to 125.5 Gb with theoretical device size support up to 8 Eb. Programmers that still use 32-bit architectures are limited to device data file sizes of less than 4 GB. As device densities and file sizes continue to increase, the 2800F-MK2 is ready to handle the most demanding flash memory programming requirements.

Due to the success and market acceptance of the Flashstream site technology, BPM Microsystems is pleased to be able to provide its customers with the expanded capability of the 2800F-MK2 at the same $9,995 MSRP of the original Flashstream 2800F. Furthermore, the company will continue to offer the 2800F with the 4 GB memory installed at a reduced price of $7,995 MSRP.

“In this very cost sensitive market, BPM Microsystems is focused on developing solutions that provide our customers with the best value for their investment,” said Bill White, president and CEO. “Flashstream’s programming speed and socket card design offers the shortest return on investment on a cost-per-device basis. The unique design of Flashstream’s individual socket cards and receptacle socket options further reduce the cost-per-device for our customers. With receptacle-based socket cards, worn or damaged sockets can be efficiently replaced by swapping out only the individual failing socket. This has proven to produce higher yields and be a more cost-effective solution than ‘gang’ modules permanently attached on one PCB, used by other suppliers.”

BPM Microsystems’ Flashstream Flash Vector Programming System continues to lead the industry in both programming speed and flash memory capacity. Flashstream can support all of the latest flash memory device architectures and package types. With program and verify speeds that are still two to 12 times faster than other programmers, Flashstream has become the production tool of choice, breaking high-density flash memory programming production bottlenecks.

Flashstream is available as a manual production tool with models 2800F and 2800FMK2. For automated production, the HelixFS and the 3000FS offer medium- to high-volume production solutions for flash memory programming.

For more information on the new Flashstream 2800FMK2 go to

About BPM Microsystems

Established in 1985, BPM Microsystems is a global supplier of electronic device programmers for all applications. The company is the leading supplier of vision-based automated programming systems and sets the standard in device support, performance, ease-of-use, and cost-of-ownership. The company offers a wide variety of device programmers including Universal Programmers, Concurrent Programming Systems® and Fine-Pitch Automated Programming Systems.

BPM Microsystems’ financial statements are audited by Price Waterhouse Coopers LLP. BPM Microsystems is located at 5373 West Sam Houston Pkwy N, Suite 250, Houston, Texas USA 77041-5160. BPM Microsystems can be found on the Internet at .

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