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Apr 18, 2011

Dual Head System

Dual Head System

PROFLEX is a scalable platform that can be built for low to mid volume (single head ~ table top) or for high volume production (multiple heads). The newst diode laser combines a non-contact soldering heat source with hot air assist (patient pending) to create a solutions that elminates thermal planes with encouraging results. Cycle times in most cases were reduced by 30% or more.

Faster cycle rates mean less joint contamination, even where thermal planes existed.

The PROFLEX platform is the latest additional to the line up of robotic soldering solutions from PROMATION.

PROFLEX is available for Hot Iron, Diode Laser, Xeon Arc and Hot Air soldering. The plaform support a base hand load configuration, dual slide shuttle, in-line conveyor (with full SMEMA) or over-top of a pallet routing conveying system.

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