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Yamaha YV100XG YAMAHAmulti-functional chip mounter

Yamaha YV100XG YAMAHAmulti-functional chip mounter

Yamaha YV100XG YAMAHAmulti-functional chip mounter


Yamaha YV100XG YAMAHAmulti-functional chip mounter


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Dongguan Kingsun Technology Co.,Ltd.

Product name: YV100XG YAMAHAmulti-functional chip mounter

Product number: YV100XG

Products in detail

YAMAHA multi-function chip mounter YAMAHAYV100XG

High speed and high precisionmulti-function modular placement machine

0.18 seconds/CHIP ultra-high-speed SMT(best conditions) 16200 CPH (grain per hour)

IPC9850 state, the patch speeds of up to16200 CPH (equivalent to 0.22 seconds/CHI

0603 components, the accuracy of plus orminus 50 microns, it repeat precision up to plus or minus 30 microns

The applicable scope is big, from 0201(English) miniature components to 31 MMQFP large components are applicable

Use two more high resolution digital cameravision

Continuous full welded ball of CSP/BGAcomponent identification, containing judge the defect in the welding ball agood no

Can choose with YAMAHA patent flight inmouth, can effectively reduce the idling loss

The best choice for universal affordable

Ends around Y axis by the power abused andhigh rigidity of servo screw drive, the new development of completely fixeddouble drive technology, improve the speed and drive through coordinationsynchronization at the ends of the, improve the function of acceleration,shortened the time orientation.

Detailed parameters:

Substrate size: M type: L460 * W335 (MAX) -L50 * W50 (MIN)

L: L460 * W440 (MAX) - L50 * W50 (MIN)

SMT precision: absolute accuracy (mu + 3sigma) : + / - 0.05 mm/chip, plus or minus 0.05 mm/QFP

Mount speed: 0.18 seconds 1.7seconds/CHIP/QFP, 1608 / CHIP: 16200 CPH

Components:can be pasted on the 0603-31 mm components, SOP/SOJ/QFP/connectors/PLCC/CSP/BGA

Dimension: 1650 * 1408 * 1650

The host weight: 1600 kg


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