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Smt Juki AF05HP Feeder E1001706AB0

 Smt Juki AF05HP Feeder E1001706AB0

 Smt Juki AF05HP Feeder E1001706AB0


Smt Juki AF05HP Feeder E1001706AB0

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Dafton Electronic Co.,Limited

◆Part NO:E1001706AB0
◆Model NO:AF05HP
◆Place of Origin:China
◆Port:Shenzhen City
◆Delivery:1-5 working days
◆Payment Terms:T/T,Western Union

Hot feeders:
Juki 8*2mm feeder(CF03HPR,CF05HPR) 
Juki 8*4mm feeder(CF081PR,CF081ER,CN081CR)
Juki 12mm feeder(AF12FS,FF12FS ) 
Juki 16mm feeder(AF16FS,FF16FS ) 
Juki 24mm feeder(AF24FS,FF24FS ) 
Juki 32mm feeder(FF32FS,FF32FR,FF32FR-OP ) 
Juki 44mm feeder(FF44FS,FF44FR,FF44FR-OP) 
Juki 56mm feeder(FF568S,FF568R,FF56FR,FF56FR-OP) 
Tape feeder units:
Juki tape feeder 40081760 CF08HER 8mm
Juki tape feeder E1006706CB0 CN05HP 8mm
Juki tape feeder E1002706AB0 AF081E 8mm
Juki tape feeder E1005706AB0 AN05HP 8mm
Juki tape feeder E30007060B0 FF121S 12mm
Juki tape feeder E30037060B0 FF12FS 12mm
Juki tape feeder E30047060B0 FF12NS 12mm
Juki tape feeder E40017060B0 FF162S 16mm
Juki tape feeder E40047060B0 FF16NS 16mm
Juki tape feeder E50057060B0 FF24FS 24mm
Juki tape feeder E50067060B0 FF24NS 24mm
Juki tape feeder E60007060B0 FF323S 32mm
Juki tape feeder E60027060B0 FF32FS 32mm
Juki tape feeder E69007050A0 NF3SNS 32mm
Juki tape feeder E7000706RBB FF44FR
Juki tape feeder E70007060B0 FF443S 44mm
Juki tape feeder E70027060B0 FF44FS 44mm
Juki tape feeder E80007060B0 FF564S 56mm
Stick feeder units:
Juki stick feeder E00057190A0 SFN0AS
Juki stick feeder E00107190A0 SFN1AS
Juki stick feeder E00207190A0 SFN2AS
Juki stick feeder E00307190A0 SFN3AS
Juki stick feeder E00407190A0 SFN4AS
Juki stick feeder E11117190B0 SPACER
Juki stick feeder E02107190A0 SFW1AS
Juki stick feeder E02207190A0 SFW2AS
Juki stick feeder E02307190A0 SFW3AS
Juki stick feeder E02407190A0 SFW4AS
Juki stick feeder E02507190A0 SFW5AS

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Company Information:

Dafton Electronic Co.,Limited

We are a professional supplier of SMT spare parts(SMT feeder,SMT Nozzle,etc).Main brand include Panasonic,JUKI,I-Pulse/Yamaha and Fuji.We also provide repair service for SMT Parts (specially Dek camera,JUKI camera,etc).

Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China

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  • Phone 86-15914401593

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