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Lot of spare parts from Fuji please check our full inventory at www.smtvys.com and go to spare parts

contact me at vhmadero@smtvys.com

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I/O Board FH1001 and VM1540 22

VM1530 Servo board VM1530 11

VM1932 Memory Board VM1932 With Memory 2

VM1932 Memory Board VM1932 With out Memory 2

FSC-30C SCSI Board FSC-30C With memory card 2

VM1710 Camera Board VM1710  3

VM1711 Camera Board VM1711 1

VM130A Camera Board VM1730A 5

VM1153 CPU Board VM1153  1

VM4400 Cognex VM 4400 Vision Board 1

AVME-311f Video Console Board AVME-311F

CP91D CP91D IC Card

VME VME Controller card Sharp X0002PA

AVME-131AF Console Board AVME-131AF


VM1440A Six Channel Communication Board VM1440A

VM1610 Video Console Board VM1610

LSO 1000 Line Scan Camera Board LSO 1000

IS70B Servo Board IS70B

AVME-070 Serial Communication Board AVME-070

VME520  MCIF-16 Output Board VME520 8

AVME324F  MCS30 SCSI Drive Controller AVME324F  2

VM-1610 FH1002 Video Console Board Replaces VM-1610 2

VM1510  Input Board VM1510  2

VM1520 VME Output Module VM1520  1

CACR-SR05AD1KRY101 Yaskawa Servopack 3

PDT-A02-251 Sanyo Denky Servo drive 2

WV-PS11A Panasonic Camera Drive Unit WV-PS11A 1

VCD-860N Botton panel 1

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SMTVYS is a Mexican Company Dedicated to provide Services & equipment to the manufacturing Industry.

El Paso, Texas, USA

Consultant, Distributor, Equipment Dealer / Broker, Manufacturer's Rep, Service Provider

  • Phone 9158610934

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