Fuji CP6 CP643 0.7 NOZZLE

Fuji CP6 CP643 0.7 NOZZLE

Fuji CP6 CP643 0.7 NOZZLE


Fuji CP6 CP643 0.7 NOZZLE

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Jinchen Electric Technology Co,.Ltd

we are speciallized in supplying original SMT sanyo nozzle,feeder, motor,timing belt, camera, EJECTOR, PCB,relay, driver,sensor,etc for you

part number as follows:

CP4-3E Φ0.71 AMPH8712

CP4-3E Φ1.0 AMPH8722

CP4-3E Φ1.3 AMPH8732

CP4-3E Φ1.8 AMPH8742

CP4-3E Φ2.5 AMPH8752

CP4-3E Φ3.7 AMPH8762

CP4-3E Φ5 AMPH8772

CP4-3E Φ1.3 AMPH8782

CP4-3E Φ2 AMPH8792

CP-6 Φ0.71 RO12-007

CP-6 Φ1.0 RO12-010

CP-6 Φ1.3 RO12-013

CP-6 Φ1.3 MO12-013

CP-6 Φ1.81 RO12-018

CP-6 Φ2.5 RO16-025

CP-6 Φ3.75 RO16-037

CP-6 Φ2.5 RO20-025

CP-6 Φ2.5 MO20-025

CP-6 Φ3.75 RO20-037

CP-6 Φ5.0 SO20-050

CP-6 Φ5.0 SO20-050

CP-6 Φ5.0 BO22-050

CP-6 Φ7.0 SO22-070

CP-6 Φ7.0 BO22-070

CP-652CE Φ0.71 RO12-007

CP-652CE Φ1.0 RO12-010

CP-652CE Φ1.3 RO12-013

CP-652CE Φ1.3 MO12-013

CP-652CE Φ1.81 RO12-018

CP-652CE Φ2.5 MO12-013

CP-652CE Φ3.75 RO12-018

CP-652CE Φ2.5 RO16-025

CP-652CE Φ2.5 RO20-025

CP-652CE Φ3.75 RO20-037

CP-652CE Φ5.0 SO20-050

CP-652CE Φ5.0 SO22-050

CP-652CE Φ5.0 BO22-050

CP-652CE Φ7.0 SO22-070

CP-652CE Φ7.0 BO20-070

CP-652CE Φ7.0 SO29-070

CP-652CE Φ7.0 BO29-070

CP-652CE Φ10.0 BO29-100

IP-3 Φ0.7 AQNA3110

IP-3 Φ1.0 AQNA3120

IP-3 Φ1.3 AQNA3139

IP-3 Φ1.81 AQNA3149

IP-3 Φ2.5 AQNA3159

IP-3 Φ3.75 AQNA3169

IP-3 Φ7.0 AQNA3170

IP-3 Φ10 AQNA3180

IP-3 Φ15 AQNA3190

IP-3 Φ20 AQNA3201

IP-3 Φ7 AQNA3210

IP-3 Φ10 AQNA3220

IP-3 Φ15 AQNA3230

IP-3 Φ20 AQNA3241

IP-3 Φ7.0 AQNA3250

IP-3 Φ10 AQNA3260

IP-3 Φ15 AQNA3270

IP-3 Φ20 AQNA3281

IP-3 Φ3.75 AQNA3295

IP-3 Φ7.0 AQNA3304

IP-3 Φ10 AQNA3314

IP-3 Φ15 AQNA3324

IP-3 Φ7.0 AQNA3334

IP-3 Φ1.3 AQNA3342

QP-132E Φ0.7 ACGPN8035

QP-132E Φ1.0 ACGPN8025

QP-132E Φ1.3 ACGPN8015

QP-132E Φ1.8 ACGPN8045

QP-132E Φ1.8 ACGPN8115

QP-132E Φ2.5 ACGPN8125

QP-242E Φ0.71 S-R30F-007-270

QP-242E Φ1.0 S-R30F-010-270

QP-242E Φ1.3 S-R30F-013-270

QP-242E Φ1.81 S-R30F-018-270

QP-242E Φ2.5 S-R30F-025-270

QP-242E Φ2.5 S-R30F-025G-270

QP-242E Φ3.75 S-R30F-037-270

QP-242E Φ5.0 S-R30F-050G-270

QP-242E Φ6.5 S-R30F-065G-18

QP-242E Φ7.0 S-R30F-070-100

QP-242E Φ7.0 S-R30F-070-185

QP-242E Φ7.0 S-R30F-070-270

QP-242E Φ8.0 S-R30F-080G-27

QP-242E Φ10 S-R30F-100-100

QP-242E Φ10 S-R30F-100-185

QP-242E Φ10 S-R30F-100-270

QP-242E Φ10 S-R30F-100G-18

QP-242E Φ15 S-R30F-150

QP-242E Φ15 S-R30F-100

QP-242E Φ15 S-R30F-150-185

QP-242E Φ15 S-R30F-150G-27

QP-242E Φ17.5 S-R30F-175G-27

QP-242E Φ20 S-R30F-200-100

QP-242E Φ20 S-R30F-200-185

QP-242E Φ20 S-R30F-200-270

QP-242E Φ0.71 I-S12B-007-100

QP-242E Φ1.0 I-S12B-101-100

QP-242E Φ1.3 I-S12B-013-100

QP-242E Φ1.81 I-S12B-018-100

QP-242E Φ2.5 I-S38B-025-100

QP-242E Φ2.5 I-S38B-025G-100

QP-242E Φ3.75 I-S38B-037-100

QP-242E Φ6.5 I-S47B-065G-100

QP-242E Φ7 I-S47B-070-100

QP-242E Φ10 I-S47B-100-100

QP-242E Φ2.5 I-S38F-025-100

QP-242E Φ2.5 I-S38F-025G-100

QP-242E Φ3.75 I-S38F-037-100

QP-242E Φ6.5 I-S47F-065G-100

QP-242E Φ7 I-S47F-070-100

QP-242E Φ10 I-S47F-100-100

GL Φ1.3 AHRQ-0670

GL Φ0.8 AHRQ-0697

GL Φ0.8 AHRQ-0701

GL Φ1.0 AHRQ-0858

GL Φ1.0 AHRQ-1321

GL Φ1.2 AHRQ-1331

GL Φ1.2 AHRQ-0831

GL Φ0.8 AHRQ-0831

GL Φ0.8 AHRQ-2012

GL Φ0.8 AHRQ-2021

GL Φ1.2 AHRQ-2031

GL Φ0.8 AHRQ-2040

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Jinchen Electric Technology Co,.Ltd

We are please to introduce ourself- ,who is one of the SMT solution provider for Global customers, we can supply Automatic Insertion machines spare parts, SMT spare parts, (including feeder ,Nozzle,PCB

Dongguan, China

Environmental Resources, Manufacturer of Assembled PCBs, Manufacturer of Bare PCBs, Pick and Place, Repair/Rework

  • Phone zoey@jinchensmt.com

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