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Mydata TM Feeders

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Although there is no question that the MYDATA Agilis feeders are nice indeed, at about $12,000.00 each for a loaded 8mm magazine make them very pricey. These TM feeders on the other hand are very affordable and fit the bill just fine where pick up accuracy (i.e . really only important in the sub 0402 passive devices) is not critical. This is especially true on 12mm feeders and above whereby the machine does the critical centering AFTER the pick up. What this means for you is that you can get a real bargain on these TM style feeders at an absolute fraction of the cost.

Use these feeders for setting up consistently ran products whereby tearing down feeder setup would be inefficient and costly – they even keep track of your on-line component inventory (as all MYDATA smart feeders do). This on-line inventory can be easily printed on demand by your machine - a handy feature indeed.

*PRICE: Buy these TM Feeders at $1600 for ONE; or $1200 a piece when buying 3 or more.

Please send CONTACT request for pictures and quote at DEONNC@JUNO.COM

Available Feeders:


(1) 8mm TMF Magazines

(1) 12mm TM Magazines

(1) 32mm TM Magazine

Terms are AS IS with functional warranty. SERIOUS Buyers Only Please.And for kicks on value, even the trade-in value on these feeders is much higher than the asking price here - making them a real bargain.


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Consulting services associated with electronic manufacturing process

La Habra, California, USA


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