Tamura Tamura spray fluxer

Tamura Tamura spray fluxer

Tamura Tamura spray fluxer


Tamura Tamura spray fluxer

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Soldering - Wave

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$ 10000.00


California, USA

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Tamura H.A. Machinery, Inc.

Spray-on Fluxer Device

TAF40-12V, TAF40-15PV

This is an automatic spray device to apply the

post-flux: It is used in order to better soldering

effect when you use the Wave Soldering

Device (below). You can change the amount

of the post-flux quite flexibly according to the


Since the latent heat of vaporization of low-VOC flux is higher than

IPA, securing a uniform and effective coating had been a

technical challenge for the development of spray fluxers. In

collaboration with Tamura FA System, we have overcome these

issues. The most outstanding feature of the spray fluxer lies in the

fact that the distribution of particle size spray is homogeneous and

very fine.

The most important constituent to the soldering using post flux is

the activator. For proper soldering performance, an appropriate

amount of activator needs to be applied to the right position.

The solvent currently used for post flux is alcohol-based (mostly

IPA) as it uniformly dissolves activators and resin. The following

requirements need to be satisfied to reduce the VOC from the


Company Information:

Tamura H.A. Machinery, Inc.

Established in 1998, Tamura HA has been recognized for its industrial innovation in soldering equipment and environment friendly products.

Chula Vista, California, USA

Manufacturer of Assembly Equipment, Selective Soldering, Soldering

  • Phone 619.661.8275
  • Fax 619.661.1122

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