A-Tek Router Bits

A-Tek Router Bits

A-Tek Router Bits


A-Tek Router Bits


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Colorado, USA

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A-Tek Systems Group LLC

A-Tek Supplies Group offers a large range of steel carbide PCB router bits, for precise cutting of FR4 material to aluminum. We stock all standard router bit sizes ranging from .040" - .093". Both chip breaker and diamond router bits are available. 

Chip breaker benefits:

• Drill point increases penetration forces on hard/brittle materials

• Chip breaker grind combines aggressive cutting action with high flute volume for enhanced swarf removal.

Diamond benefits:

• Fish tail point eliminates backside breakout and splintering

• Diamond grind produces smooth sidewalls with minimal top edge burr formation

Company Information:

A-Tek Systems Group LLC

Distributor of the highest quality SMT assembly equipment. Our 45 years of combined experience and commitment to excellence have earned us the reputation as the premier distributor in the Americas.

Longmont, Colorado, USA

Cleaning, Distributor, Drilling / Routing, Selective Soldering, Soldering

  • Phone 970 532 5100
  • Fax 9704439233

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