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I-Pulse M2 machine N005 NOZZLE

I-Pulse M2 machine N005 NOZZLE

I-Pulse M2 machine N005 NOZZLE


I-Pulse M2 machine N005 NOZZLE

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Reliable Electronics Co.,Ltd

I-PULSE(Tenryu) nozzle feature:

high-quality stainless steel nozzle seat,

black surface treatment, mouth head into the black material, tungsten steel, natural rubber or iron,

recognition is mainly determined by the reflective paper, reflective PVC film with high-quality printing paper,glue.

I-PULSE(Tenryu) SMT NOZZLES for M6ex, M7, M8 SMT Nozzles (P Series Nozzles)

Model  Part Number Description

P001 LC6-M7701-001 P001 0.5x0.4

P002 LC6-M7703-001 P002 0.9x0.6

P003 LC6-M7705-001 P003 ø1.3/ø0.65

P004 LC6-M7707-001 P004 ø1.8/ø1.2

P005 LC6-M7709-001 P005 ø3.0/ø2.0

P006 LC6-M770B-001 P006 ø4.5/ø3.5

P012 LC6-M770D-001 P012 ø2.0 Melf

P013 LC6-M770F-001 P013 ø2.5 Melf

P017 LC6-M770H-001 P017 ø4.0 Rubber

P018 LC6-M770K-001 P018 ø6.0 Rubber

P019 LC6-M770M-001 P019 ø8.0 Rubber

P020 LC6-M770P-001 P020 ø10.0 Rubber

P031 LC6-M7712-100 P031 Buffer Nozzle 0.5x0.4

P032 LC6-M7714-002 P032 Buffer Nozzle 0.9x0.6

P033 LC6-M7716-002 P033 Buffer Nozzle ø1.3/ø0.65

P034 LC6-M7718-002 P034 Buffer Nozzle ø1.8/ø1.2

P042 LC6-M7724-001 P042 Buffer Nozzle 0.9x0.7

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Reliable Electronics Co.,Ltd

Reliable Electronics Co.,Ltd have been engaged for many years in the line of SMT(Surface Mount Technology) spare parts selling,including various kinds of pick and place machine’s parts and Peripherals.

Shenzhen , China

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