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Panasonic Panasonic SMT GAS spring KXF0E1VCA00

Panasonic Panasonic SMT GAS spring KXF0E1VCA00

Panasonic Panasonic SMT GAS spring KXF0E1VCA00


Panasonic Panasonic SMT GAS spring KXF0E1VCA00

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SMT Equipment

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Reliable Electronics Co.,Ltd

CM301 Z-axis motor,Part Number:010VC181010;model:HC-MFS00335BW1-S4
CM402/602/212/101/ High-speed head PNEUMATIC VALVE,

Part Number:KXF0DX8NA00,Specification:(SMC)10-VQ110V-5MD-X46
CM202 High-speed head VALVE,AL, Part No:KXF0DXETA00 ,Specification:(SMC)10-VQ110V-5MD-X153
Pan head of the solenoid valve,Part Number:KXF0DLLAA01,Specification:VK332V-5HS-M5
Cutter solenoid valve,Part Number:KXF0DR6AA00
CM402 BLOCK,art Number:KXFW1L25A00
CM402 HOLDER,Part Number:KXFA0F7AA00 (8Nozzle Filter);KXFX034YA04(8Nozzle Filter);

N610075626AA(128Nozzle Filter);

N610071723AA(12Nozzle Filter);KXFB029DB00/N210030755AA(3NOZZLE)
claw(CLAMP ARM),Part Number:KXFB00S6A03(8NOZZLE);
Small spring(SPRING),Part Number:KXF0DKAAA00(8NOZZLE);N210014666AC(12NOZZLE)
Big Small spring(SPRING),Part Number:N210007425AA(8NOZZLE);N210068065AA(12NOZZLE)
CM402 the head control card,Part Number:KXFE0004A00
CM402 head card,Part Number:KXFE0001A00,Name:PCB,model:MC14CA
CM402 video card,Part Number:KXFE000RA00,Specification:SCV1EJ
CM402 board card,Part Number:KXFE003RA00
CM402/602 Filter,Part Number:
8Nozzle Filter:N610071334AA (Gray metal mesh)
12Nozzle Filter:N210048234AA(Early white cap)
3Nozzle Filter-Holder:KXFX03EMA00(Outside not repair steel-like, there is also a white)
CM402 Vacuum filter ,Part Number:KXF0E3RRA00
KXFE0014A00,SP axis control card,KXFE00GXA00 head control card
N510056943AA LINEAR MOTOR,DC 6W Conveyor

N510037232AA STEPPING MOTOR,DC 6W Conveyor

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Reliable Electronics Co.,Ltd

Reliable Electronics Co.,Ltd have been engaged for many years in the line of SMT(Surface Mount Technology) spare parts selling,including various kinds of pick and place machine’s parts and Peripherals.

Shenzhen , China

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