Juki SMT IC tray-KSUN

Juki  SMT IC tray-KSUN

Juki  SMT IC tray-KSUN


Juki SMT IC tray-KSUN

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Pick and Place/Feeders

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Juki KE-750 matrix tray holder

small size is  330x310mm / big size is  680x310mm

(Can be customized according to customer demand)

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E2300706000 JUKI 16MM Feeder Spring   
E3245760000 JUKI Ratchet SP 32MM Feeder Spring   
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E6119706000 JUKI Feeder O-ring  
E6132706000 JUKI 44MM Feeder Spacing fixed block   
E6133706000 JUKI 44MM Feeder Fixed Block  
E6209706000 Juki 32mm Feeder Upper Cover Shaft  
E6300706000 Juki 32mm Feeder Return Spring  
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E6666705000 JUKI FF 44MM Feeder Winding Reel  
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SM8030302TP Juki Feeder Screw   
SM8040402TP JUKI feeder Screw  
SM8040402TP Juki Feeder Screw   
WP0430801SC Juki Feeder Spacer  
WP0531001SC Juki Feeder Washer   
WS0310002KN Juki Feeder Washer

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DONGGUAN KINGSUN AUTOMATION TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD is a company which mainly provide used and new SMT parts, provide repair SMT key parts service,new/used SMT machine trading,SMT consumables and Peripherals equipment,Clean room, ESD..


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