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Yamaha SMT MOTOR P50B08100DXJ8

Yamaha SMT MOTOR P50B08100DXJ8

Yamaha SMT MOTOR P50B08100DXJ8


Yamaha SMT MOTOR P50B08100DXJ8

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SMT Equipment

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Reliable Electronics Co.,Ltd

90K55-4W074Z YV100X Z axis motor P50B04006DXS4E 60W
90K55-4W073R P50B04006DXS4E 60W
90K55-4107GB0 P50B04010DXS4E 100W
90K63-001409 YG200 Z axis motor Q2AA04006DXS2C 60W
90K63-001305 YG200 R axis motor Q2AA04006DXS2C 60W
90K65-001305 Q2AA04006DXS5U 60W
90K65-001409 Q2AA04006DXS5U 60W
90K55-41276W0 P50B04010DCS4E 100W
90K65-201310 YGD Z1 motor 100W Q2AA04010DXS5U
90K65-201F09 YGD Z2 motor 100W Q2AA04010DXS5U
P50B07040DXS4E P50B07040DXS4E
Q2AA05020DCS2C Q2AA05020DCS2C
KGS-M4882-00X Q2GA04006VXS2C 60W YG100 R motor
90K55-4W476W Yamaha motor P50B04006DXS4E
90K55-4W073C P50B03003DXS4E YV88XG R axis motor
90K55-4W073D AC SERVO MOTOR R2 M960053
90K21-038011 YG12 ac servo motor
90K21-037512 YG12 ac servo motor
90K21-037511 YG12 ac servo motor
90K63-611203 YS24 motor
90K2A-045J11 YS24 ac servo motor
90K2A-046911 YS24 ac servo motor
90K2A-04JF12 YS24 ac servo motor
90K63-331H25 YS24 ac servo motor
KGS-M4882-11X YG100 R axis motor
90K63-511403 YG12 X axis motor
90K63-611F04 YG12 Y axis motor
KKE-M71G5-A0 YS24 Z axis motor
KKE-M71G5-A5 YS24 Z axis motor
KHY-M71G5-A0Z G12 Z axis motor
KHY-M71G5-A5Z G12 Z axis motor
SGM-08A3FJ53 SGM-08A3FJ53 750W
90K2B-0H2205 Ac servo motor
90K2B-0HC204 Ac servo motor
KM5-M6474-300 MOTOR

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Reliable Electronics Co.,Ltd have been engaged for many years in the line of SMT(Surface Mount Technology) spare parts selling,including various kinds of pick and place machine’s parts and Peripherals.

Shenzhen , China


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