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Universal Instruments gold feeder

Universal Instruments gold feeder

Universal Instruments gold feeder


Universal Instruments gold feeder

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Shenzhen Zhi Honglai Trading Co.,Ltd

Universal Genesis High Performance (Gold) Feeders,8mm-88mm to sell with good condition and good price :

High Performance (Gold) Dual Lane Feeders *0201 Capability Standard:
49889215 – 8 mm High Performance(Gold Plus 60) Dual Lane 7
50381215 – 8 mm High Performance (Gold Plus 60) Dual Lane 7-13
Note: A 42 VDC PrecisionPro feeder interface is required to run these feeders.
High Performance (Gold) Single Lane feeders:
50934707 – 8mm High Performance (Gold Plus Spliceable)
50934807 – 12mm High Performance (Gold Plus Spliceable)
50934904 – 16mm High Performance (Gold Plus Spliceable)
50935004 – 24mm High Performance (Gold Plus Spliceable)
50935104 – 32mm High Performance (Gold Plus Spliceable)
51458702 – 44mm High Performance (Gold Plus Spliceable)
51458802 – 56mm High Performance Gold Plus Spliceable)
51458902 – 72mm High Performance (Gold Plus Spliceable)
51459002 – 88mm High Performance (Gold Spliceable Deep Pocket)

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Our main business: We buy and sell new or used SMT FEEDERS and SPARE PARTS. We stock Hitachi, Universal, Fuji, JUKI, Yamaha, Panasonic, Samsung, Philips and others of the commonly used parts, such as feeders, nozzles, sensors.

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