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Panasonic CM402 CLAMP ARM(KXFB00S6A03)

Panasonic CM402 CLAMP ARM(KXFB00S6A03)

Panasonic CM402 CLAMP ARM(KXFB00S6A03)


Panasonic CM402 CLAMP ARM(KXFB00S6A03)

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Chipshooters / Chip Mounters

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KingFei SMT Tech

Detailed Product Description

1. Description:
Brand Name: Panasonic
Model Number: N510054810AA / N510002505AA
Certification: ROHS
Place of Origin: Japan

Competitive Advantage:
WEprovide spare parts of Panasonic Mahines ( SMT ) , and in good faith : feeders , feeder carts , ball spline , machines, nozzles, motors, valve , belt…etc., Main business are CM402,CM602,CM101,NPM,BM, YAMAHA....etc., Original new and used both have , if you are interesting in it , welcome to contact us and we wish establishing long-term cooperations , and we have large professional engineer team, if you have any problems of CM402,CM602,NPM machine, we can provide solutions,Thanks!
All stand spare parts are in the warehouse, best price, It depends on your requirements and quantity.

Stocks of Nozzle Holder :
N610009409AA , N610009409AB , N610113250AB , N610071723AA , N610126480AA ,
KXFB00S4A03 ,  N610067607AE , N610097899AB ,  N610063736AB , N210007398AA ,
KXFB03ZAA01 , N210030755AA , KXFB029DB00 ,   N210017657AA , KXFB00L1A02 , N210076717AA ,
KXF05ASAA00,  KXFB0APUB00,   KXFB0APUB00,   KXFB00S6A03,    KXFB00S6A03 , N210062110AA KXF0DKAAA00 ,N210007425AA , N210007425AA , KXF0DK9AA00,   KXF0CPKAA00,   N610009394AC,
N610009394AB, KXFX03EMA00 , N610009394AB , KXFB02M2A01 , KXFB02M2A00 ,  N210007281AD ,
N610011241AA , N610011241AB, N610113210AB , N610113210AA , KXFK001PA00 , N210014666AC , N210141026AA , N210125001AA , N210125002AA , N210098763AB , N210007284AB , N610113699AA , N210081891AB , N210068065AA , N210068065AA , N210007287AB , KXF0E07FA00 , N510068212AA , N510068213AA , N510045029AA , KXFB02PPA00

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KingFei SMT Tech

Main Products: 1, Original new and Original Used SMT/AI Spare Parts. 2, SMT Equipments And Related Machine( SMT Calibration, SMT Feeder Carts,Conveyer etc.) 3, Maintenace and Repair Service Pre-Sales Service Provide details ab

Shenzhen, China

Equipment Dealer / Broker, Manufacturer's Rep, OEM, Service Provider

  • Phone 0755-33578694

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