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Panasonic original new sensors

Panasonic original new  sensors

Panasonic original new  sensors


Panasonic original new sensors

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Dongguan Kingsun Technology Co.,Ltd.

Panasonic sensors (PM-L24 ) More SMT parts available H1067R A12GD25-1L-Z FUJI CP6 Solenoid valve H1068Z PCD2413-NB-D24 FUJI CP643 13 Solenoid valve H1082T RCS-242-M3-D24MP Solenoid valve H1084A SS23H-M5-D24-UPK Sensor H1124D FUJI XP242 243 Solenoid valve H1132A Solenoid valve H1332A VQ1201-5 FUJI DC24V Solenoid valve H3006A FU-42 Optical Line H3009A EP4-321 CP6 HOKUYO Optical H10661 FUJI F15T4-F4-PL3-DC24V Solenoid valve H10697 PCD245-NB-D24 FUJI CP6 Solenoid valve H11224 FUJI XP Solenoid valve H63468 FUJI NXTII Solenoid valve HPJ-A21 YAMAHA FUJI JUKI Sanbu Switch J9065157A Samsung 8MM Feeder Sensor JG2-20 KORODA Air cylinder KG7-M9166-00X Yamaha Air cylinder KGA-M928B-00X YAMAHA Sensor KH4-M9166-00X YAMAHA Air cylinder KHY-M7153-00X YAMAHA Solenoid valve JA10AA-21W KM1-M7162-10X YAMAHA YV100X/XG/II Solenoid valve A040E1-56W KM1-M7162-11X YAMAHA YV100TT Solenoid valve A040E1-54W KM1-M7162-20X YAMAHA YV100II Solenoid valve A010E1-35W KM1-M7163-20X YAMAHA YV100X/XG Solenoid valve A010E1-37W KM1-M7163-21X YAMAHA YV100X Solenoid valve A010E1-54W KMO-M655F-10X YAMAHA Sensor TAKEX DZ-7232-PM KU0-M3410-41X YAMAHA YV100X Solenoid valve A010E1-32W KV7-M9283-00X YAMAHA Air cylinder KV8-M71YA-00X YAMAHA YV100X XG II Vacuum valve KV8-M7162-20X YAMAHA VALVE 55W Solenoid valve KW1-M1185-00X YAMAHA CL 8MM FEEDERAir cylinder MPH5040 CP4 (CP43) Vacuum valve MQQLDV25-20-XM4-A MQQLA408 PANASONICAir cylinder MQQLDV32-20-XM4-A MQQLA408 PANASONICAir cylinder N310P919 PANADAC-919 PANASONIC AVK Sensor N510054843AA PANASONIC NPM Solenoid valve PCDE-344Solenoid valve PS-R30N Sensor S2085H FUJI CP6 Air cylinder DAD25x40-3731W S2092A CDJPB15-5D Air cylinder S2102A CDQ2A32-45D Air cylinder S2113H CDQ2D16-10D-F7BV Air cylinder S2126L FUJI XP242Air cylinder S2209A S20655 CDAS 16X15 Air cylinder S3122A E3S-LS3C1D Sensor S3122Z E3S-LS3RC4 Omorn Sensor S3128A EZ-18T GL2 Amplifier S3130A PS-47 CP6 KEYENCE Sensor S3148X HPJ-T21 XP243E Sanbu Switch S3184H CS7G KOGANEI Solenoid valve S3185A FUJI CP6 Sensor D-A73 S4027B E32-T14L Sensor S4029T S4029H SH-21 SUNX Sensor S4039A EE-SG3M Sensor S4040W EE-SPX305-W2A ORMON Sensor S4040X EE-SPX306-W2A CP6 D2 Sensor S4040Y EE-SPX405-W2A OMORN Sensor S4040Z EE-SPX406-W2A OMORN CP6 Sensor S4045C EE-SX870A OMORN Sensor S4045M EE-SX872A OMORN Sensor S4046E EE-SPX302-W2A-2M OMORN Sensor S4046L EE-SPX402-W2A OMORN Sensor S4077L PM-L44P Sensor S5161A FUJI XP242 243 Sensor S31385 EX-13A-R-FKS SUNX Switch S40321 FUJI DL-S4R Amplifier TADEX S40321 FUJI XP Sensor S40545 HPF-S086-A QP242 Optical SH22 SUNX Sensor SUNX GX-3SB Sensor WPA5152 CP6 Air cylinder SPCHA7-25-12-Z3-B WPH1181 FUJI MDV235-P-Z CP6 Vacuum valve XS03764 FUJI NXTII V12 Vacuum valve ZG553A Sensor SAMSUNG Air cylinder CDJ2WB16AB-TO775-15 PANASONICCM88 VKF334V-5G valve Pls kindly contact with us at any time, if you are insterest more info about products. Website : Email: MP: 0086-15629932323 What's app: 15629932323

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