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Yamaha KSUN Original SMT EJECTER

Yamaha KSUN Original SMT  EJECTER

Yamaha KSUN Original SMT  EJECTER


Yamaha KSUN Original SMT EJECTER

Part Number:

KHY-M7152-00 / KHY-M7152-01


Assembly Accessories

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Offered by:

Dongguan Kingsun Technology Co.,Ltd.

YAMAHA KSUN Original SMT KHY-M7152-00 KHY-M7152-01 EJECTER More Yamaha parts in stock KM9-M7107-00XSHFT, HEAD ASSYYV100II KM9-M7106-00XSHAFT HEAD ASSY YV100II KV8-M713S-A0X STD.SHAFT2,SPARE YV100X KV8-M712S-A0X STD.SHAFT1,SPARE YV100X KV8-M711S-A0X FNC SHAFT,SPARE YV100X KGB-M711S-A0X FNC SHAFT,SPARE YV100XG KGB-M712S-A0X STD.SHAFT1,SPARE YV100XG KGT-M712S-A0X STD. SHAFT 1, SPAREYG200X VALVE serial KM1-M7163-20X A010E1-37W VALVE KM1-M7163-21X A010E1-54W VALVE KM1-M7163-30X A010E1-44W VALVE KGA-M7111-H0X A041E1-48W 88X VALVE KM5-M7174-11X AME05-E2-PSL-13W VALVE KV7-M7111-B0X A041E1-11-48W VALVE KM1-M7162-20X A010E1-35W VALVE KV8-M7162-20X A010E1-55W VALVE KV8-M7162-10X A040-4E1-56W VALVE KM1-M7162-11X A040-4E1-54W VALVE KU0-M3410-41X A010E1-32W VALVE KGA-M37P1-00X G010HE1-5W VALVE KV5-M7121-L0XA040-4E1-50W KV5-M7121-R0XA040-4E1-50W KH2-M7101-00XA040-4E1-3W YTF Head KGA-M7111-G0X A010E1-59W VALVE Blow valve KV8-M7535-01X VALVE  KGB-M7163-A0X VALVE( 37W+44W+13W) KV8-M7163-A0X VALVE (37W+44W+13W) CYLINDER serial KG7-M9165-00X PDAS6*30 KH5-M9176-00X PDAS6*30 KG7-M9166-00X PBDA10*30 K98-M9283-00X BDAS16*25-259W KG7-M9236-00X CYLINDER JDAD12*5 KV7-M9165-00X PDAS6*40 KV7-M9179-A0X PDAS6*40 KV7-M9237-00X PBSA10*5-W KV7-M9283-00X YMDA16*35-1W KM1-M9605-02X CYLINDER, CLAMP  KM1-M9611-02X CYLINDER, U/D  KV8-M7522-01X CYLINDER ASSY-CAM KM0-M2267-20X YAMAHA YV100-II CABLE DUCT (X) KV7-M2267-00X YAMAHA YV100X CABLE DUCT (X) KV7-M221A-AOX COVER KUCT ASSY YAMAHA YV100X K46-M9174-10X, GUIDE (LWL9), YV100-2 KV7-M9166-00X, GUIDE (LWL9 R80B), YV100X KM1-M9610-00X GUIDE  KV8-M71WC-00X (M4-50mm) KV8-M71WF-00X (M4-75mm) KV8-M71WG-00X (M4-70mm) KM1-M4592-11X YAMAHAVAC SENSOR BOARD ASSY Packing serial 90990-22J015/KV8-M71Y5-00X PACKING(MYA-12) 90990-22J002/KM1-M7141-0X PACKING(MYA-10a) 90990-22J003/KM1-M7140-00X PACKING(MYA-6) 90990-22J006 KM1-M7107-00X PACKING(L043165) 90990-22J001/KG2-M7181-00X PACKING(MYA-4) 90200-01J125 O-RING K65-M257M-00X 90990-17J013 O-RING 90990-171J003 O-RING 90990-171J008 O-RING K46-M8527-D0X 90990-171J010 O-RING/ 90990-171J0007 O-RING/ KM1-M7186-00X Motor serial 90K55-87134X AC SERVO MOTOR YV100II X 90K55-8A134Y AC SERVO MOTOR YV100II Y 90K55-4W032W AC SERVO MOTOR YV100II W 90K55-4W035R AC SERVO MOTOR YV100II R 90K55-4W034Z AC SERVO MOTOR YV100II Z 90K52-87174X AC SERVO MOTOR YV100X X 90K52-8A174Y AC SERVO MOTOR YV100X Y 90K50-4W072W AC SERVO MOTOR YV100X W 90K50-4W074R AC SERVO MOTOR YV100X R 90K55-4W074R AC SERVO MOTOR YV100X R 90K50-4W074Z AC SERVO MOTOR YV100X Z 90K55-4W074Z AC SERVO MOTOR YV100X Z KM0-M666J-00X100II X axis ZR cable KM1-M665H-00X100II Y axis ZR cable KV8-M665U-00X100X X axis ZR cable KV8-M666H-00X100X Y axis ZR cable Camera serial KV7-M7210-00X CCD CAMERA YV100X MOVE CAM KGA-M7210-00X CCD CAMERA YV100XG MOVE CAM KG9-M7210-10X CCD CAMERA YV100II MOVE CAM KV8-M7310-00X L CAMERA ASSYYV100II KG9-M7210-10X CCD CAMERA YV100II SINGLE CAM KV8-M73A0-30X MULTI CAM.SUB ASSY YV100X KV8-M7310-00X L CAMERA ASSYYAMAHA CCD KV8-M73A0-30X MULTI CAM.SUB ASSYYAMAHA CCD KV7-M7600-00XFIDUCIAL LIGHT ASSYYAMAHA KV7-M66F6-00X C.cable assy 7.7M KV7-M66F2-00X C.cable assy 7.7M KV7-M66F4-00XC.cable assy 1.7M Sensor serial KV7-M654F-00X SENSOR 3E2S-Q22 KV7-M654G-00X SENSOR 4 E2S-Q22B KV7-M653F-A0X SENSOR 3E2S-Q22B KV8-M653H-00X SENSOR 5 ASSY 1 E2S KV8-M7160-00X SENSOR HEAD ASSY 7383 KGT-M654J-A0X SENSOR HEAD ASSY 7832 KGB-M653A-00X SENSOR HEAD ASSY 7383 KGB-M653F-10X SENSOR, 3 ASSY E2S-Q22B KV7-M653A-00X SENSOR,1 ASSY 1 L=600 E2S-Q22B KV7-M653E-00X SENSOR,2 ASSY 1 L=600 E2S-Q22B KV7-M653A-20X SENSOR,1 ASSY 1 L=300 E2S-Q22B KV7-M653E-10X SENSOR,2 ASSY 1 L=300 E2S-Q22B KH2-M655E-00X SENSOR,1-2 E2S-Q22B KV7-M653A-20X SENSOR 1 ASSY:L=300 E2S-Q22B KM0-M655F-10X SENSOR,1-3 7232 KH4-M655F-20X SENSOR 1-3 2 7233 KU0-M655F-20X SENSOR,1-3 7234 KH5-M655A-02X FIBER

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Dongguan Kingsun Technology Co.,Ltd.

Dongguan KINGSUN Technology is a company which mainly provide used and new SMT parts, provide repair SMT key parts service,new/used SMT machine trading, SMT consumables and Peripherals equipment, ESD products

Dongguan, China

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