Panasonic KXV0DR6AA00 VALUE

Panasonic KXV0DR6AA00 VALUE

Panasonic KXV0DR6AA00 VALUE


Panasonic KXV0DR6AA00 VALUE

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长期供应:P/N:N610071334AACM602Nozzle:#110S/#110FS;#115AS;#120S;#130S;#205S;#206S;#225CS;#226CS;#230CS;#235CS #240CS ;#203ZS Feeder(8MM;12/16MM;24/32MM;44/56MM;72MM,88MM) KME KXFW1KS5A00 8MM KME CM602 FEEDER KME KXFW1KS6A00 12MM-16MM KME CM602 FEEDER KME KXFW1KS7A00 24MM-32MM KME CM602 FEEDER KME KXFW1KS8A00 12MM-16MM KME CM602 FEEDER KME KXFW1KS9A00 72MM KME CM602 FEEDER KME KXFW1KS10A00 88MM KME CM602 FEEDER KXFW1KSBA00 2x8mm Feeder KXFW1KSCA00 12/16mm Feeder KXFW1CKAA00 Tape Up Reel KXFW1CK for CM201/CM202 Feeder CM402/212/602/DT401/NPM Feeder: KXFW1KSBA00(8MM双头不带SENSOR) KXFW1KS5A00(8MM双头带SENSR) N610003476AA(8MM单头带SENSOR) N610031080AA(8MM双头带SENSOR,是打0201) KXFW1KSCA00(12/16MM不带SENSOR) KXFW1KS6A00(12/16MM带SENSOR) KXFW1KSDA00(24/32MM不带SENSOR) KXFW1KS7A00(24/32MM带SENSOR) N610004577AA(24/32MM深槽带SENSOR) KXFW1KSEA00(44/56MM不带SENSOR) KXFW1KS8A00(44/56MM带SENSOR) KXFW1LOYA00(44/45MM深槽带SENSOR) KXFW1KS9A00(72MM带SENSOR) KXFW1L1OA00(88MM带SENSOR) CM202DH/CM301 Feeder Tape feeder embossed 24mm 3P(Large reel) Part Number:M9E3CVM0000 Tape feeder embossed 16mm 2P(Large reel) Part Number:M9D2CVM0000 CM202/CM301深槽FEEDER 8*4(Dual),P/N:M9A1CWM0000 12*12,P/N:M9C3CVM0000 16*12,P/N:M9D3DVM0000 24*16,P/N:M9E4DVM0000 44*12,P/N:M9H3DVM0000 56*12,P/N:M9J3DVM0000 M9H3CVM0000 44* 12MM(胶带) M 9F 6CVM0000 32* 24MM(胶带) M 9G 3CVM0000 32* 12MM(胶带) M9E3CVM0000 24* 12MM(胶带) M9E2CVM0000 24* 8MM(胶带) M9D2CVM0000 16* 8MM(胶带) M9D1CVM0000 16* 4MM(胶带) M 9C 2CVM0000 12* 8MM(胶带) M 9C 1CVM0000 12* 4MM(胶带) M 9A 1NSM0000 8* 4MM(胶带) M9B1CSM0000 8* 4MM(纸带) M9B5CSM0000 8* 2MM(纸带)橡胶吸嘴,料号:KXFB0109A00 KXFX03DGA00; Nozlle:110(KXFX04MSA00 KXFX0383A00) NOZZLE:115(KXFX04MTA00 KXFW1BDAA00) KXFX037NA00; Nozlle:115A KXFX0384A00; Nozlle:120 KXFX0385A00; Nozlle:130 KXFX0386A00; Nozlle:140 N610000995AA;Nozzle205 KXFX05V2A00;Nozzle206A 1002. NOZZLE ASSEMBLY (舊料號: KXFX03DUA00) (新料號: KXFX037TA00) 1003. NOZZLE ASSEMBLY (舊料號: KXFX03DWA00) (新料號: KXFX037UA00) KXFX037SA00; Nozlle:1001 KXFX037TA00; Nozlle:1002 KXFX037UA00; Nozlle:1003 KXFX037VA00; Nozlle:1004 KXFX037WA00; Nozlle:1005 N610017371AC; Nozlle:110S N610017372AC; Nozlle:115AS N610017373AC; Nozlle:120S N610017375AC; Nozlle:130S KXFX0386A00; Nozlle:140S N610017370AC ;Nozlle:205S N610040786AA; Nozlle:225CS N610040787AA; Nozlle:226CS N610040788AA; Nozlle:230CS N610043815AA; Nozlle:235CS N610040853AA; Nozlle:240CS N610040782AA; Nozlle:225C N610040783AA; Nozlle:226C N610040784AA; Nozlle:230C N610043814AA; Nozlle:235C N610062681AA; Nozlle:240C N610009394AA; CM301/DT401 FILTER N610071334AA; CM602/CM212/CM402 FILTER N610009409AA; HOLDER N610011242AB; HOLDER #2437;KXFX05DRA00 #140吸嘴胶头,P/N:KXFB0106A00(KXFA1FYAA00);KXFB0109A00(N210055331AA) Panasonic MSR/HT122/132 Nozzle VVS;VS ; S ; M ; ML;L ; LL ;LLL; 松下MSR吸嘴 10468S0009(VVS) 10468S 0003AC(VS) 10468S 0004AC(S) 10467S0010AA(M) 10467S 0001AC(L) 10467S 0002AC(LL) 10467S 0003AC(LLL) Panasonic MSF/BM123/133/221/231 Nozzle SX;SA;S;M;MG;ML;L;LA;LG Part No:10807GJ813AL BM PICK UP NOZZLE 1.26X0.87 MELF Z轴马达,老款(换滤芯的)和新款(滤网的)的各种头Holder(带弹簧爪子);板卡,真空阀.........,Sensor,头上电磁阀;8MM FEEDER进料卷料马达. CM202 Nozzle Station,P/N:KXFB00S4A04 KEY-BOARD,料号:KXFP5Z1AA00,规


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Zhenzhen, China

Inspection, Manufacturer of Assembly Equipment, Pick and Place, Screen Printing, Tape and Reel Services

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