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Juki High Speed Mater KE-2050CM

Juki High Speed Mater KE-2050CM

Juki High Speed Mater KE-2050CM


Juki High Speed Mater KE-2050CM

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KingFei SMT Tech

1 High Speed Mater KE-2050
Since 1993, it has been selling "KE series" products and has received high praise from customers at home and abroad for many years. The series of products are combined with a chip machine and a general purpose machine, which can be flexibly distributed into various production lines according to the amount of production.
2 Features
As a single module of the module concept, flexible patch machine production line can be formed according to the production capacity.
<UNK> 13,200CPH: Chip(laser identification/actual production)
<UNK> Laser paste title × 1(4 suction)
<UNK> 0603(imperial 0201) chip ~ 20mm square element, or 26.5 × 11mm
0402(imperial 01005) chip is the factory time option
<UNK> 1 There are differences when the loading speed conditions are different
While inheriting the advantages of the KE series products, it has greatly increased the mount speed. In addition, the machine adopts the newly developed high-speed tray server, which can shorten the replacement time of the tray, so it can greatly increase the speed of the tray supply components and thus achieve the purpose of improving production efficiency.
3 Specifications
Base size
M substrate(330 X 250mm)
L substrate(410 X 360mm)
Lhide(510 × 360mm)
E substrate(510 X 460mm)
Widget Size
Laser recognition
0603 chip(imperial 0201) chip ~ 20mm square element
Or 26.5 x 11mm
(0402(Imperial 01005) Chips require options) * 2
Component mount speed
Chip Components
13,200CPH * 1
Component mount accuracy
Laser recognition
&; Plu ** N; 0.05 mm
Type of 4 component mount
:: 80 more(converted to 8mm tape)
* 1 Actual efficiency: The chip mount speed is the conversion value when 400 1608 elements are mounted on the entire surface on the M-size substrate.
(CPH = number of Mount elements for an average of 1 hour)
"Intelligent on-site production solution IS" can control the production line composed of several patch machines like a patch machine. As a system software aimed at "the overall efficiency of the factory" and "further improvement of product quality", "IS" has reorganized and greatly improved the "Most Line Computer" based on the modular concept and the software "SCS(Setup Co * * ol System)" that uses bar codes to prevent component misloading and traceability quality management. The scope of quality management has been expanded from a single production line to the entire workshop.
"IS" consists of five software packages classified by job and purchases that further increase the added value. It can provide functions corresponding to their job titles for operators, programmers, plant managers, and equipment managers. Help users to achieve "workshop visualization", "workshop overall production planning", "preparation process efficiency improvement" and "production quality improvement."
In order to completely prevent misloading of components, "IS" uses RFID(IC label). Users can not only use the RFID smart feeder(ATF, CTF, FTF, etc.) provided by JUKI, but also install RFID accessories on the feed you already hold. At the same time, we have prepared for you a tray feeder and TR series corresponding to the template.
Due to the use of RFID(IC label), it is not only possible to master the overall assembly status of the feeder, but also to clearly grasp the use of components installed on the RFID unified replacement truck and RFID memory. Effective realization of the entire workshop component management visualization.
In addition, "IS" is also equipped with the following functions: "Supply device management(search component location, forecasting component supply, supply supplier maintenance management)", "formulation of the overall production plan of the workshop", "monitoring production conditions" and "On demand strain production." The new functional and novel system software "IS" is not only suitable for production lines, but also can improve the production performance of the entire workshop. It can be called JUKI * representative system software.

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