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PCB Board Laser Soldering Machine With Laser

 PCB Board Laser Soldering Machine With Laser

 PCB Board Laser Soldering Machine With Laser


PCB Board Laser Soldering Machine With Laser


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PCB Board Laser Soldering Machine With Laser

PCB Laser Soldering Machine Product Description:

Laser tin-ball soldering ball is laser through fiber transmission, the output port is attached to the top of tin-ball, to provide the inlet for high-pressure gas entrance in the annular cavity, to molten solder ball, then high pressure inert gas can ensure there is enough pressure to molten solder ball dripping, guarantee the tin ball will not be oxidation, high precision, good welding effect.

Multi-axis intelligent working platform, equipped with coaxial CCD positioning and monitoring system, effectively ensures soldering accuracy and yield rate.

PCB Laser Welder Product Features:

1.apply to solder with high-precision for -10um or +10um, the smallest interval  of the product is 100um

2.Optional to a bigger range of the solder ball, the diameter is 0.25mm

3.apply to the metal surface with tin, gold and silver. More than 99% soldered product is good.

Laser PCB Welding Machine Technical Advantages:

1.quickly done the process of heating and melting within 0.2s

2.melting the solder ball  in the soldering  place without  splash

3.No flux is required, no pollution, long life time of electronics

4.The smallest  diameter of the solder ball is 0.1mm, the machine meets the developing trend of integration and precision.

5. According to different size of the solder ball, the operator can solder different soldering  points.

6.The quality of the soldered product is good

7. meet the need of  massive production in assembly line with the cooperation of CCD  positioning system

Laser System for PCB Soldering Application:

Applied tin-balls spraying soldering, very high soldering accuracy,  can effectively ensures the soldering precision especially for the areas sensitive temperature

microelectronics: aviation, military electronics industry, sensor industry

other industries: optical electronic industry, MEMS, sensor industry, BGA, HDD

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