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ASC International 3D SPI-7500 Vision CE

ASC International 3D SPI-7500 Vision CE

ASC International 3D SPI-7500 Vision CE


ASC International 3D SPI-7500 Vision CE

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220V 50 / 60Hz Solder Paste In


SPI / Solder Paste Inspection

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KingFei SMT Tech

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Quick programming, friendly programming interface

Multiple measurement methods

True one-button measurement

Eight-way motion button, one-click focus

Adjustable scanning pitch

Solder paste 3D simulation function

Powerful SPC function

MARK deviation automatically corrected

One-click back to the center of the screen

Automatic Recognition Target This fully automatic 3D solder paste thickness tester can obtain 3D data of each point through the automatic XY stage moving/Z-axis image autofocus and laser scanning solder paste. It can also be used to measure the entire pad solder paste. The average thickness allows the solder paste printing process to be well controlled.

Third, product features

1. Programmable measurement of several areas, automatic focusing at different test points, overcoming the error caused by plate deformation

2. Automatically find the inspection position and correct the offset through the PCB MARK;

3, measurement method: fully automatic, automatic movement manual measurement, manual movement manual measurement

4, solder paste 3D simulation map, reproduce the true appearance of solder paste;
5, using 3-axis automatic movement, focusing, automatic compensation to correct the warpage deformation of the substrate, to obtain accurate solder paste height;

6, high-speed high-resolution camera, high precision, powerful SPC data statistical analysis;

7, SIGMA automatic judgment function, so that your operators have the ability to determine the quality of the solder paste printing process in real time;

8, automatically generate CP, CPK, X-BAR, R-CHART, SIGMA column chart, trend chart, control chart, etc.;

9, 2D auxiliary measurement, distance between two points, area size, etc.;

10, the measurement result data list is automatically saved, generate SPC report

Fourth, product parameters

Product model: SPI-7500

Applications: Solder paste. Red plastic. BGA.FPC.CSP

Measurement items: thickness, area, volume, 3D shape, plane distance

Measuring principle: laser 3 angular function method measurement

Software language: Chinese / English

Lighting source: white highlight LED

Measuring light source: red laser module

X/Y moving range: standard 350mm*340mm (larger moving size can be customized)

Measurement method: automatic full-screen measurement. Frame selection automatic measurement. Frame selection manual measurement

Field of view: 12mm*15mm

Camera pixel: 3 million / field of view

The highest resolution: 0.1um

Scanning pitch: 5um /10 um /15 um /20 um

Repeated measurement accuracy: height less than 1um, area <1%, volume <1%

Magnification: 50X

Maximum measurable height: 5 mm

Maximum measurement speed: 250Profiles/s

3D mode: Rendering. Face. Line. Point 3 different 3D simulations, scalable. Rotate

Operating system: Windows7

Computer system: dual-core P4, 2G memory, 20-inch LCD

Power supply: 220V 50/60Hz

Maximum power consumption: 500W

Weight: about 85KG

Dimensions: L*W*H (700 mm *800 mm *400 mm)

Water Series 3D SPI is a stand-alone True 3D measurement system of laser scan type which is able to measure and analyze

Water Series 3D SPI Table Top is a stand-alone 3D measurement system of laser scan type which is able to measure and analyze the small-sized object image and the print image of Solder Paste as well. In particular, it is a on-board type one suitable for controlling the screen print process optimally by measuring and analyzing the solder cream coated after screen print in 3D and is also optimal of the off-line type tool to be able to control the screen print process with low investment effectively.

With the 3D laser sensor manufactured delicately and 3D image expression having reality, it can analyze the thickness and volume accurately within the error scope of 1-2um.

With the color camera, it can discriminate the coated solders from the PCB pattern or solder pad.

It is possible to measure 2 D such as length, angle and diameter as well as height and volume of 3D.

It is possible to measure the overall PCB area of the size of 300x300mm with one-touch method.

With the adoption of high rigidity scan mechanism, it represents the regular measurement results without the effect of surrounding vibration.

The Importance of True 3D Solder measurement

The key factors of solder paste quality are its height, volume and shape.

2D images provide only color, brightness and area information but not key factors. 3D measurement must be required to get information related to height, volume and shape.At least 50% defects of SMT manufacturing process occurs only during printing. The worse the quality of solder paste is, the more placement defects occur. The reliability of electronic products directly links to the solder joint quality and the quality of solder joint is effected by solder pastes height, volume and shape. Without 3D solder measurement, there is no way to check the exact quality of printing. The earlier defects are found, the less repair cost is required.



Most people put all the emphasis on the AOI machine to detect the above defects which can be controlled effectively with a 3D SPI measurement system even before going through the reflow process

220V 50 / 60Hz Solder Paste Inspection Table Top 3D SPI-7500 Vision CE220V 50 / 60Hz Solder Paste Inspection Table Top 3D SPI-7500 Vision CE

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