Panasonic Panasonic SMT Feeder

Panasonic Panasonic SMT Feeder

Panasonic Panasonic SMT Feeder


Panasonic Panasonic SMT Feeder


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KingFei SMT Tech

1. SMT equipment original/imitation accessories sales: Fuji, Juki, Yamaha, Samsung, Panasonic, and other equipment suction nozzle, Feida and accessories, suction Rod, Suction nozzle Rod, sensor, cutter, belt, filter cotton, sensor, light module, solenoid valve, cylinder, motor and driver, Ring Lamp, camera, Board Card, Halogen lamp, amplifier, laser, tank chain, head slider, server, control box, control card, drive box, power card, etc.

2. SMT EQUIPMENT DAMAGE REPAIR: all kinds of Servo Motor, Power Card, control box, board, power box, amplifier, etc.

3. SMT MACHINES: lead-free hot air reflow soldering, lead-free wave soldering, upper and lower board machine connection, installation, commissioning, overhaul and annual maintenance of Panasonic, Fuji, Yamaha, Samsung, Juki, Siemens, etc. .

4. SMT consumables, production accessories: Solder Paste, Red Glue, Steel Mesh Carving, wiping paper, steel mesh wiping paper, solder paste mixing knife, receiving belt and receiving pliers, maintenance oil, lubricating oil, high-temperature chain oil, NSK special maintenance oil, white sealing oil, etc.

5. SMT AUXILIARY EQUIPMENT AND TOOLS SALES: such as FEEDER corrector, vibration Feida, Feida car, material car, solder paste mixer, printing machine, scraper, 3d solder paste thickness tester, ultrasonic and so on; undertake the installation and commissioning of AI equipment, sMT/OEM processing 6. Professional SMT production equipment, technical support and full service, the company has a number of senior engineers and sales staff, with many years of professional equipment installation and commissioning, maintenance, annual maintenance and other rich practical experience

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Main Products: 1. Original new and Original Used SMT/AI Spare Parts. 2. SMT Equipments And Related Machine( SMT Calibration, SMT Feeder Carts,Conveyer etc.) 3. Maintenace and Repair Service Pre-Sales Service Provide details ab

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