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Fuji FUJI NXT H04 3.7 AA07A00 Nozzle

Fuji FUJI NXT H04 3.7 AA07A00 Nozzle

Fuji FUJI NXT H04 3.7 AA07A00 Nozzle


Fuji FUJI NXT H04 3.7 AA07A00 Nozzle


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KingFei SMT Tech

XP142/XP143/XPF Nozzle
ADNPN8313/ADNPN8370/AGGPN8412 0.7mm
ADNPN8233/ADNPN8238/AGGPN8422 1.0mm
ADNPN8243/ADNPN8248/AGGPN8432 1.3mm
ADNPN8240/ADNPN8346/AGGPN8482 1.3melf
ADNPN8253/ADNPN8258/AGGPN8442 1.8mm
ADNPN8263/ADNPN8268/AGGPN8452 2.5mm
ADNPN8250/ADNPN8356/AGGPN8492 1.8melf
ADNPN8260/ADNPN8366/AGGPN8502 2.5melf
ADNPN8273/ADNPN8278/AGGPN8462 3.7mm
ADNPN8283/ADNPN8288/AGGPN8472 5.0mm
XP141E Nozzle
ADEPN-8070 XP-141 Nozzle ASS'Y-0.7Φ
ADEPN-8080 XP-141  NozzleASS'Y-1.0Φ
ADEPN-8090 XP-141  NozzleASS'Y-1.3Φ
ADEPN-8100 XP-141 Nozzle ASS'Y-1.8Φ
XP142E / XP143E Nozzle
ADNPN8210 XP-142 Nozzle ASS'Y-0.7Φ
ADNPN8230 XP-142Nozzle  ASS'Y-1.0Φ
ADNPN8240 XP-142 Nozzle ASS'Y-1.3Φ
ADNPN8210 XP-142 Nozzle ASS'Y-0.7Φ
ADNPN8230 XP-142 Nozzle ASS'Y-1.0Φ
ADNPN8240 XP-142 Nozzle ASS'Y-1.3Φ
ADNPN8250 XP-142 Nozzle ASS'Y-1.8Φ
ADNPN8260 XP-142 Nozzle  ASS'Y-2.5Φ
ADNPN8270 XP-142 Nozzle  ASS'Y-3.7Φ
ADNPN8280 XP-142 Nozzle ASS'Y-5.0Φ
FUJISMT machine CP6
P/N: AWPH9510 Des:Nozzle ,0.7 (12mm disc)
P/N: AWPH9520 Des:Nozzle ,1.0 (12mm disc)
P/N: AWPH9530 Des: Nozzle,1.3 (12mm disc)
P/N: AWPH9540 Des: Nozzle,1.3 (12mm disc) Melf
P/N: AWPH9550 Des:Nozzle ,1.8 (12mm disc)
P/N: AWPH9560 Des: Nozzle,2.5 (16mm disc)
P/N: AWPH9570 Des: Nozzle,3.7 (16mm disc)
P/N: AWPH9580 Des: Nozzle,2.5 (20mm disc)
P/N: AWPH9590 Des: Nozzle,2.5 (20mm disc) Melf
P/N: AWPH9600 Des: Nozzle,3.75 (20mm disc)
FUJISMT machine CP7/CP8
FUJI Nozzle , 0.4 (8mm disc)
P/N: Des: nozzle,0.4 (8mm disc) taper tip
P/N: ADCPH9520 Des: Nozzle,0.7 (8mm disc)
P/N: ADCPH9530 Des:Nozzle ,1.0 (8mm disc)
P/N: ADCPH9540 Des: Nozzle,1.3 (8mm disc)
P/N: ADCPH9700 Des: Nozzle,1.3 (8mm disc) Melf
P/N: ADCPH9550 Des:Nozzle ,1.8 (16mm disc)
P/N: ADCPH9560 Des: Nozzle,2.5 (16mm disc)
P/N: ADCPH9800 Des:Nozzle ,2.5 (16mm disc) Melf
P/N: ADCPH9570 Des: Nozzle,3.75 (16mm disc)

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