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Panasonic N510034190AA Angle belt

Panasonic N510034190AA  Angle belt

Panasonic N510034190AA  Angle belt


Panasonic N510034190AA Angle belt


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KingFei SMT Tech

Wide track belt

1, NPM rail belt: N510051284AA/N510060984AA: 4.5 W * 505.5 L

2, NPM track belt: N510037842AA(white) : 4.5W*592.5L

3, NPM track belt: N510051283AA/N510060982AA: 4.5 W * 645.5 L

4, NPM track belt: N510060980AA (black) : 4.5W*727.5L

5, NPM track belt: N510037844AA(white) : 4.5W*727.5L

6, NPM track belt: 4.5W*840L

7, NPM rail belt: N510051433AA/N510060977AA: 4.5 W * 990 l

8, NPM track belt: N510057049AA: 4.5W*1009L

9, NPM track belt: 4.5W*1050L

10, NPM track belt: N510055874AA: 4.5W*1174.5L

11, NPM track belt: N510037843AA/N510060975AA: 4.5 W * 1314.5 L

12, NPM track belt: N510065133AA:4.5W*1566L

13, NPM track belt :4.5W*1573L

14, NPM rail belt: N510060401AA/N510050718AA: 4.5 W * 1980 l

Vacuum pump belt

1, vacuum pump belt: KXF08ANAA00

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