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Fuji Fuji SMT Feeder accessories

Fuji Fuji SMT Feeder accessories

Fuji Fuji SMT Feeder accessories


Fuji Fuji SMT Feeder accessories


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KingFei SMT Tech

1, Fuji laminator feeder

Fuji CP43, FUJI CP6, FUJI CP642, FUJI CP643, FUJI CP732, FUJI CP742, FUJI CP743, FUJI CP743, FUJI CP743, FUJI CP743, FUJI CP743 CP824 mount machine Feida, FUJI CP843 mount machine Feida, FUJI NXT mount machine Feeder, etc., Feida specifications are 8x2mm 8x4mm 12mm 16mm pneumatic Feida electric Feida, etc.

Fuji NXT Feida Feeder: Fuji NXT 8MM Feeder, Fuji NXT 12MM Feeder, Fuji NXT 16MM Feeder, Fuji NXT 32MM Feeder, Fuji NXT 44MM Feeder, Fuji NXT 12MM Feeder, Fuji NXT 16MM Feeder, Fuji NXT 32MM Feeder, Fuji NXT 44MM Feeder Fuji NXT 56MM Feeder, Fuji NXT 72MM Feeder; Fuji XPF Feeder: Fuji XPF 8MM Feeder, Fuji XPF 12MM Feeder, Fuji XPF 16MM Feeder, Fuji XPF 32MM Feeder, Fuji XPF 44MM Feeder, Fuji XPF 56MM Feeder, Fuji XPF 72MM Feeder

2, Fuji SMT Feida Accessories:

FUJI FEIDA material frame car, FEIDA correction instrument, FUJI electric FEEDER correction instrument;

3, Fuji SMT press cover/belt roller/outer cover:

FUJI CP6. CP7. XP142. XP143. XP242 XP243 24 mm to 32 mm and 16 mm and 44 mm pressure is expected to cover (electric FEEDER);

FUJI CP4/CP7/ CP6/CP8/XP142.XP143.? 0.4 ~? 5.0 Press cover (8*2/8*4 and other sizes);

FUJI CP6 CP7 / XP142. XP143. XP243 roll belt wheel and so on various specifications;

FUJI CP43 / CP6 / CP7 / CP8 / XP142 XP143. XP243 cover various specifications (specification);

FUJI CP6, CP7, CP8, XP141/2/3, CP43 8/12/16mm with unidirectional bearing pulley and inner and outer rubber cover;

FUJI Belt, Belt Pulley (Belt, Pulley);

FUJI CP6 CP7 XP142, XP143 unidirectional roller (8MM, 12MM, 16MM, 24MM) and plastic coil belt outer cover

FUJI CP6 CP7 XP142, XP143 unidirectional roller (8MM, 12MM, 16MM, 24MM) and plastic coil belt outer cover

FUJI CP6 CP7 XP142, XP143 (CP43) FEEDER (Ф0.4, N 0.7, O 1.0, N 1.3, N 1.0~ V 1.8, N 2.5, N 3.7, V 5.0)

FUJI CP6 CP7 XP142, XP143(CP8/XP) FEEDER (Ф0.4, N 0.7, O 1.0, N 1.0~ P 1.8, N 1.3~ P 3.7)

FUJI QP(Electric Feeder) Press cover (W12, W16, W24, W32, W44, W56)

Fuji QP Electric Feeder Roll Cover (W8-W88)

FUJI IP3(QP)FEEDER Press Cover (12mm, 16mm, 24mm, 32mm, 44mm, 56mm) and safety buckle

FUJI CP3 FEEDER Press Cover (Ф0.7, N 1.0, N 1.3)

4,FUJI mount machine cylinder/vacuum valve/sensor:

FUJI CP6/7 XP142.XP143.XP243 HEAD suction, blowing switch VALVE, CP6 photoelectric sensor :S3130A, original new Valve :WPH1182 CP6 square cylinder imitation/original amplifier A1042T;

Vacuum hose: WPH1290 / WPH1350, vacuum hose DCPH0261, Valve vacuum HOUSING+SPOOL, Square cylinder with solenoid VALVE WPA5142(SPCHA7-25-12-Z3-B) vacuum VALVE AMPH5040, solenoid VALVE H1067T cylinder with sensor S2085H (DAD25X40-ZG553A) Valve vacuum VALVE WPH1181, WPH1182 Square cylinder solenoid valve :PCD245-NB-D24 vacuum valve DCPH0680, DCPH0681 round cylinder solenoid valve :PCD2413-NB-D24

CP3, CP4, CP6, CP7, CP8 HOLDER(support frame), CP6-5000 HOLDER(i.e. CP65 HD)

CP43/CP6/CP733 SHAFT(HOLDER SHAFT) has the length and SHAFT correction fixture;

5,FUJI SMT lamp class:

CP43 CP6 CP7 CP8 XP142.XP143.XP243 and other kinds of violet lamp, fluorescent lamp, halogen lamp; CP7 UV LAMP; CP8 UV LAMP; CP3 original brand new bulb 13.8V 50W; IP3 LAMP: R1020T, R1020Z namely 92B, 110B. Other options include 80B, 84B, Eye Halogen lamps (12V 50W/100W), etc.

6, Fuji SMT camera: XC-77, XC-75, DC-37, XC-37, IK-54XF, IK541 CCD (CP43/IP3 use), Fuji SMT CP series XP series CCD, etc.

7, Fuji SMT cutter: CP3/CP4/CP6/CP7/CP8 scrap belt cutter, FUJI CP733/743 scrap belt cutter, FUJI CP743/CP8 scrap belt cutter, P642/CP643/CP6-5000 scrap belt cutter, CP6 series CP7 series CP8 series cutter bearing, etc.

8, Fuji filter: Fuji XP filter;

FUJI: CP6.CP7.XP142.XP143. QP242/QP341 Filter cotton, CP43, CP642/CP643 Filter original FILTER;

Fuji: NXT filter cotton :5MM, 12MM and other sizes of cylindrical hollow

Fuji: CP4 filter cotton AMPH5050 strip flat shape

Fuji: CP6 filter cotton Old: WPH0930 slender cylinder

FUJI: CP6 Filter Cotton NEW:WPH2030 Short and thick cylindrical

FUJI: CP7 series /CP8 series filter cotton :DCPH0630 ADCPH3270 cylindrical hollow

9, All kinds of board cards, such as CPU card, IO card, image card, servo card, driver card, etc

10, more FUJI SMT accessories:

Tank chain/Serpentine (Japanese original brand new) : CP6 K4153H and other Fuji models are available;

CP4 Series /CP6 Series Original Reflective Paper, FUJI CP3/CP4/CP6/CP7/CP8 Vacuum pump carbon sheet, PIN,CLAMP (A/B thimble), FUJI thimble/slider, IP2 axle; X/ YTABLE bearing K1103T; CP6/CP642/CP643 drawing rod,

CP3 vitreous body (reflective body), QP341 SMT hard disk and other accessories for FUJI SMT.

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