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Fuji SMT FUJI XH01080 power cord

Fuji SMT FUJI XH01080 power cord

Fuji SMT FUJI XH01080 power cord


Fuji SMT FUJI XH01080 power cord


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Offered by:

KingFei SMT Tech

1 XS03503 converyor sensor NXTII
2 K53050 PAM parts NXT&NXTII
3 MPJ2220 PAM parts CP6 CP7,CP8
4 AA0EX04 H04 JIG Nozzel NXT&NXTII
5 XK00792 parts Camera CCD NXT&NXTII
6 S4077L Sensor PM-L44P 3 NXT&NXTII
7 ADNPH8170 Vaccum pin XP143E
8 ADNPH8180 blow pin XP143E
9 AJ75402 module CPU BOX NXT
10 XK04140 Module CPU PCB NXT
11 XK04140 Module CPU PCB NXT
12 XK0465 Base CPU PCB NXTII
13 T4067B Double adheive tape NXT&NXTII
14 PZ52060 tape guide Feeder NXT&NXTII
15 EEAN2570 servo AMP for R,Q,Z XP141E
16 UL02615 ND32C Nozzle station H08,H12,H12S,H12HS,V12 NXT1,2
17 AA66W06 V12 head IPS CCD Camera NXTII
18 Y guide  XP242E&XP243E
20 Harness mark camera cable XP242E&XP243E
21 XK0447 NXTII Vision PCB NXTII
22 T43106 POWER( NL05G)module&base cpu boxNXTII
23 AJ84913 Controlling BOX NXTII
24 XB03250 Servo AMP NXTII
25 AJ92609 Harness NXTII
26 XK05052 Contro PCB(FH1363B1F) NXTII
27 XK03540 Contro PCB(FH1206D0) NXT device pallet M3S
28 XK04610 Contro PCB NXTII Remote IO
29 XK03922 Contro PCB SB20-3 NXTII
30 XH01431 FAN NXTII
31 AGFEN3300 parts camera CCD XP143E
32 ADEEE6704 FH1255A0 Feeder IO XP243E 

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KingFei SMT Tech

Main Products: 1, Original new and Original Used SMT/AI Spare Parts. 2, SMT Equipments And Related Machine( SMT Calibration, SMT Feeder Carts,Conveyer etc.) 3, Maintenace and Repair Service Pre-Sales Service Provide details ab

Shenzhen, China

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