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Fuji Fuji Stopper DNPH2100 of XP142 XP143

Fuji Fuji Stopper DNPH2100 of XP142 XP143

Fuji Fuji Stopper DNPH2100 of XP142 XP143


Fuji Fuji Stopper DNPH2100 of XP142 XP143

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Fuji Stopper DNPH2100 of XP142 XP143


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ZK Electronic Technology Co., Limited

Fuji Stopper DNPH2100 of XP142 XP143

A lot of FUJI CP6 /CP643/CP7/XP/NXT/IP3 original stock parts:
1. CP642/CP643 X-axis servo box; CP643 Z, FQ, FRQ, NC*** and second-hand axis servo box.
2. CP6/CP642/CP643 original cutting knife, movable knife: WPK0312, fixed knife: WPK0241; imitation cutting knife.
3. CP6***SLEEVE: WPH0924, X, Y axis thread second-hand screw WSY0021;
4. CP6 splint cylinder S20655; CDAS 16*15, CP6 wide and narrow camera, CP6 original factory*** and second-hand CLUTCH: WPH0385;
5. FUJI operation screen buttons, CP6, CP7, XP142, XP143 8MM X 4MM, 8MMX2MM*** Feida gear;
6. Original CP6 JOINT rod: AWPL8012, P6 cutter JOINT: WPU0212, CP6, CP642, CP643 X, Y axis bearings;
7. CP6/CP642/CP643 original second-hand square cylinder WPA5152;
8. CP6/CP642/CP643 original *** and second-hand holder, original holder anti-disc: WPH3102, original second-hand SHAFT: WPH3086;
9. CP6/CP642/CP643*** and second-hand universal joint: K1005Z, grinding head WPH1284;
10. CP6 17,19 fiber amplifier A1042T: HPX-T1; CP6, CP642, CP643 MARK point cameras and amplifiers (CSGP0063, ACSGP8011, K1132A).
11. CP6/CP642/CP643 Feida anti-lifting sensor A1042A: PX7-CRD;
12. CP6 original HOLDER disc: WPH3102; optical fiber H3009A, FUJI vacuum pump carbon sheet H3103T, vacuum pump bearing H4044T, vacuum pump belt H4453H;
13. CP6/CP642/CP643 original fisheye bearing for square cylinder WPA5160: PBR8FN;
14. CP6/CP643 original *** and second-hand small SHAFT black rod: WPH3120;
15. CP6 0.7/1.0/1.3/3.7 nozzle reflective paper, *** filter cotton: WPH2030;
16. CP6/CP642/CP643 original *** brass bearing H4452C;
17. CP6/CP642/CP643 original factory*** vacuum valve: WPH1182;
18. CP6 JOINT bearing: MBWT5, CP6 round cylinder SENSOR: ZG553A;
19. CP6 original factory ***1.0MM, 1.3MM nozzle;
20. CP6/CP642/CP643 original solenoid valve for the first square cylinder: PCD245-NB;
21. CP6 round cylinder solenoid valve: PCD2413,
22. CP6/CP642/CP643 original *** round cylinder solenoid valve A12PD25-1L-Z;
23. CP6 17/19 station optical fiber S4054Y, CP6 one-way bearing,;
24, CP6 CLUTCH: WPH0385, CLUTCH spring: WPH0412;
25. CP6 cutter JOINT: WPU0212, cutter spring hanging PIN, vacuum valve pressure PIN;
26. FUJI board IS70B, 4800 VISION card, VM1440, AVME-311F, 134CPU card, FH1017A;
27. FUJI board card FSC-30D, FSC-30E(***), GP91, HIMV924A2(***), MX250RT01, MX250RC44, CP6, CP642, CP643 MEMORY card;
28, CP7 solenoid valve SX5240-5MOZ;
29. CP7 original nozzle reflective paper, specifications: 0.7MM, 1.0MM, 1.3MM;
30. CP7 original factory ***0.4 (cone)/1.0MM/1.3MM/1.3melf nozzle, backlight black 0.7MM/1.0MM nozzle;
31, CP732/CP742/CP743/CP8 splint cylinder S2209A;
32. CP732 original cutter, fixed knife: DCPK0040, movable knife: DCPK0050;
33. CP7 original second-hand UV lamps with multiple sets; imitation***; CP742, CP743 original second-hand large SHAFT;
34. Original CP7 ***HOLDER: DCPH3010, DCPH3011;
35, CP7 original *** brass bearing H4581A; CP7, CP8 original nozzle spring suction nozzle spring DCPH1132;
36, CP7 original factory's smallest SHAFT white pole: DGPH3302;
37. CP7 original factory*** vacuum valve: DCPH0680;
38, CP643 rail solenoid valve F15T2-PL3, F10T4-PS3;
39. IP3 Z-axis motor: SGM-01B3FJ12;
40. IP3 Q-axis motor AGM-A3B3FJ12, X-axis motor AGM-08A212;
41. IP3 3.7MM/5.0MM/7.0MM/10.0MM nozzle;
42. IP3 solenoid valve H1066T F*Y110-4ME2; IP3 camera with lens CH2048BNA; IP3 Y-axis reading head, X-axis grating ruler;
43. IP3 ring light 80B/84B/92B/110B; IP3 signal IO card FH1016A;
44. IP3 8MM, 16MM, 24MM, 32MM, 44MM pneumatic feeder;
45. CP42, CP43 Z axis *** motor, X, Y axis motor, FQ axis motor, CP43 vacuum valve sealing rubber ring.
46. ​​QP242 original purple light power board, QP242 original purple light R1029A;
47. XP242/XP243 original factory*** strobe light: DEEM5461, DEEM5462;
48. XP242 vacuum generator: H1007D, H1007G;
49. XP242/XP243 nozzle: 3.7mm/5.0mm/7.0mm/15.0mm/20.0mm;
50. XP in and out plate belt: DEQC0220;
51. XP access board sensor S40321: DL-S4R;
52. XP142 original STOPPER: DNPH2100;
53. XP142 original *** nozzle, model 0.7MM/1.0/1.8/2.5/2.5melf/3.7/5.0;
54. NXT nozzle rod H04 head SYRINGE;
55, NXT original factory*** H08/H12 head 1.3A/1.3melf/1.8A1.8MELF/2.5MELF/3.7A/3.7G/5.0G/5.0GL nozzle;
56. NXT original ***H04 head 1.0/1.3/1.8/2.5/2.5G/3.7/5.0/7.0/10.0/15.0G nozzle;
57. NXT original ***H01 head 10.0/15.0/20.0/20.0G nozzle;
58, NXT H08, H12, H04, H01 head filter cotton XH00800, XH00400, XH00560;
59, CP43 second-hand clockwise solenoid valve: S5078A, second-hand counterclockwise solenoid valve: S5077A,;
60, CP43 original *** cylinder MPA6101 (DA20*25 with SENSOR), DA25*27;
61, CP6/CP642/CP643 original second-hand 90% new vacuum valve: WPH1182 batch;
62. FUJI electric feeder power cord;
63. IP2 head solenoid valve group: PCS241 with base;
64. Equipment 24V 14A, 5V 60A power supply;
NXT nozzle H12 head list
AA056** 0.4mm:
AA057** 0.7mm:
AA058** 1.0mm:
AA20A** 1.3mm:
AA20A** 1.3mm third generation:
AA20D** 3.7mm:
AA0WT** 2.5G:
AA18C** 3.7G:
AA20E** 5.0A:
AA063** 5.0G:
AA064** 1.3melf:
NXT nozzle H04 head list
AA06W** 1.0mm:
AA06X** 1.3mm:
AA06Y** 1.8mm:
AA06Z** 2.5mm:
AA07A** 3.7mm:
AA07G** 3.7G:
AA07H** 5.0G:
AA07C** 7.0mm:
AA07K** 7.0G:
AA07D** 10.0mm:
AA07L** 10.0G:
AA07M** 15.0G:
NXT nozzle H01 head list
AA0HS** 1.8mm:
AA085** 3.7G:
AA080** 7.0mm:
Test mouth J03:
XP142/XP143/XPF nozzle list
ADNPN8303/AGFPN8401 0.4mm:
ADNPN8313/ADNPN8370/AGGPN8412 0.7mm:
ADNPN8233/ADNPN8238/AGGPN8422 1.0mm:
ADNPN8243/ADNPN8248/AGGPN8432 1.3mm:
ADNPN8240/ADNPN8346/AGGPN8482 1.3melf:
ADNPN8253/ADNPN8258/AGGPN8442 1.8mm:
ADNPN8263/ADNPN8268/AGGPN8452 2.5mm:
ADNPN8250/ADNPN8356/AGGPN8492 1.8melf:
ADNPN8260/ADNPN8366/AGGPN8502 2.5melf:
ADNPN8273/ADNPN8278/AGGPN8462 3.7mm:
ADNPN8283/ADNPN8288/AGGPN8472 5.0mm:
AGFPN8052 taper 1.0mm:
AGFPN8062 taper 1.3mm:

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